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Welcome to our main index of pages on the topic of cleaning, decluttering and organizing your home. If you want your home to look like it belongs on the cover of House Beautiful, cleaning it up is the critical first step to achieving that goal — and the following pages can help:

Cleaning, Detoxing, Organizing and Decluttering the Entire Home

The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks

The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks by Natalie Wise, Published by Good Books
The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks by Natalie Wise, Published by Good Books

If you need help learning how to clean, beautify and declutter your kitchen, bathroom or any other room naturally and effectively, The Modern Organic Home by Natalie Wise will give you recipes, inspiration and clear directions that will lead to success.

The book includes effective, natural and organic recipes plus step-by-step instructions for cleaning almost every surface in your home. Learn how to make your own cleaning wipes, baby wipes and other cleaning products using safe, organic ingredients. Learn how to use essential oils — what each one works best for, and when you’d want to choose one type of essential oil over another. Find DIY recipes for combining affordable ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to save a bundle on your household cleaning.

If you can’t ever seem to beat the clutter around your place, this book will be an especially helpful resource for you. The text includes clear, actionable, step-by-step instructions for decluttering every room. The author, Natalie, breaks the decluttering process down into doable steps that will help you succeed with the task.

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Organizing Craft Supplies at Home

How to Organize Sewing Thread

Whether or not you enjoy sewing, you probably have some sewing thread hanging around your place. Is it cluttering up a junk drawer? Could you even find it if you need to use it for mending a torn shirt, tablecloth or pair of jeans? Getting it organized could save you lots of wasted time, and possibly even money (because you’ll eliminate needless trips to the craft store and purchasing duplicate thread spools if you can find the spool you need when you need it).

Ideas for How to Organize Yarn

If anyone in your home is interested in knitting or crochet, you probably have yarn that needs to be stored and organized. This page will give you bunches of fabulous ideas for easily managing a yarn stash — keeping all your yarn skeins accessible, out of the way and attractively organized.

An Ideal Organizer for Storing Paintbrushes, Markers, Crochet Hooks, Knitting Needles and Similar Craft Supplies

If you need a space-efficient organizer that can help you keep all your paintbrushes together or all your crochet hooks and shorter knitting needles in one place, this organizer is a top choice for those purposes.

Portable ArtBin Crochet and Knitting Project Bags

If you want to keep your yarn neatly organized in a closet or craft room yet have it easily accessible so you can take it with you when you head out the door, ArtBin makes some useful project bags you’ll want to know about.

Stacking Craft Organizers

These translucent plastic craft organizers are versatile and can hold 12″x12″ scrapbooking papers, collage papers, origami papers, photo albums, yarn, fabrics, adhesives, paints, paintbrushes, knitting needles, crochet hooks or just about any other type of craft supplies you might like to get organized.

The ArtBin Mini Sidekick Craft Organizer

This little organizer is one of the best solutions available for organizing adhesives, glitter, crayons, markers, rubber stamps, clear stamps, scrapbooking embellishments, ribbon, scissors / Paper Edgers, crochet thread, embroidery floss and bunches of other craft supplies or other supplies. If you have a small collection of pliers, jeweler’s tools, wire and beads that are already packaged in tubes, it’s also a smart solution for those. It works well for storing bunches of other household items, office supplies or small toys like PVC figurines or mini dolls.

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