7 Christmas Color Schemes for Holiday Decorating Ideas for Combining Christmas Colors in Your Home

‘Tis the season to decorate! If you’re decking your halls this year, perhaps you need some inspiration for Christmas-inspired color palettes. Check this list to get some fresh new ideas.

1. Silver, Blue and White

Lately, gray has been one of the hottest new “neutral” colors around. If your family has embraced this trend, and your home is furnished in shades of gray, the traditional Christmas colors of red and green are probably not going to work in your home — they’re likely to clash with grays and taupes. Instead, try using silver for some holiday sparkle, with accents of blue and / or white. You could use silver-colored Christmas tree shapes, silver blue or white snowflakes, and frosty white snowmen as design motifs. Add pretty accents like silver candlesticks, silver vases and the like.

2. Red, Green and Gold

This is one of those traditional Christmas color palettes. Think rich reds, deep pine greens, and whatever shade of gold works best with the furnishings in your home.

Here’s one classic example:

A Blanket in Traditional Christmas Colors: Deep Red, Pine Green and Gold. If You Crochet, Feel Free to Grab the Free Pattern for This Design and Make One of These for Yourself.
A Blanket in Traditional Christmas Colors: Deep Red, Pine Green and Gold. If You Crochet, Feel Free to Grab the Free Pattern for This Design and Make One of These for Yourself.

Of course, true metallic golds would also be lovely in this sort of color scheme.

3. Red, Green and White

White can be something of a tricky color to work with, but it’s popping up in a lot of people’s decorating color schemes these days. If your home décor already includes some white, then a red white and green theme could be a fantastic color palette for your Christmas decorations.

4. Burgundy, Green and Gold

A bit of a different take on the red and green theme: use a red that’s less orange and more purple, like on the red-wine side of the color spectrum.

5. Pink, Green and White

If you’re decorating a girl’s room or the residence of a single female, pink green and white could be an interesting substitute for the more traditional red, green and white Christmas color palette. Think pink poinsettias, a pink Christmas tree, and lots of pink and white decorations.

6. Red, White and Gold

If green doesn’t work with your décor for any reason, feel free to just skip it.

7. Riotous Multi-Colors

I used to think that color-themed Christmas trees were the prettiest, but I have since changed my mind about that. In years past, I decorated a purple, gold and silver-themed Christmas tree that turned out to be a disaster; the purple was too dark and the entire effect was not at all eye-catching. I now most admire trees that incorporate a multitude of lustrous, colorful hues.

Any colors can be used for Christmas decorating, so be sure to incorporate all your favorites — and more.

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This page was last updated on October 22, 2018.

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