2019 Home Interior Color Trends: Paint Colors, Metal Surfaces, Textiles These are the paint colors, textile colors and metallic finishes to choose for decorating your home in 2019.

When it comes to decorating your home’s interior, the color choices are some of the most important decisions you’ll make. Color influences virtually every aspect of the home’s look and feel:

  • Whether it feels warm and inviting or cold and sterile;
  • Whether it feels restful or stimulating;
  • Whether it seems harmonious or chaotic;
  • And, finally, whether it looks up-to-date or outdated.

There’s nothing wrong with avocado green or harvest gold; but if these are the colors you choose for your refrigerator or countertops, people may jump to the conclusion that your kitchen hasn’t been remodeled since 1977 — even if everything in the kitchen is brand new. That’s because avocado green and harvest gold were two of the top trendy colors in the 1970s.

Anyone who’s knowledgeable about color trends can look at your furnishings and tell you when they were made. So, if you’re thinking of buying furnishings or doing any renovations on your home, it is beneficial to be aware of the color trends – especially if you’re thinking of painting your home, buying used furniture or installing hard-to-change surfaces like flooring or countertops.

Let’s jump in and discover the experts’ predictions for the top 2019 home interior color trends:


Think of 2019
As the year of green.

It’s shaping up to be a green year – both on the color trend front and the sustainability front. By all appearances, people are yearning to introduce more green into their lives. We’re seeking green certifications. We’re decorating with houseplants. We’re planting sustainable gardens. And some people are even legally smoking marijuana these days (I’m not. But, some people are).

We’ve got all kinds of green going on – so it’s only logical that some of the mass-market paint manufacturers are announcing shades of green as their colors of the year for 2019. It’s also natural that legions of designers and consumers are experimenting with adding green to their living spaces.

You could choose from a zillion different shades of green, and some of them are trendier than others right now. Here are the specific greens that are au courant for 2019:

Teal and Forest Green

The color experts at PPG have selected two dark, forest-y greens as their colors of the year for 2019. The first is called “Night Watch”, PPG Color #1145-7. This is a deep green that’s a few shades lighter than black and is a close cousin to teal. The second is called “Mojito Shimmer”, color #036VS. They describe it as a

“glistening, frosted dark green from the Dulux Effects Finishes VENETIAN SILK™ collection.

Take a look:

A bedroom painted in Night Watch (DLX1145-7), a deep green-black, and Mojito Shimmer (036VS), a glistening, frosted dark green. (Photo: Business Wire)
A bedroom painted in Night Watch (DLX1145-7), a deep green-black, and Mojito Shimmer (036VS), a glistening, frosted dark green. (Photo: Business Wire)

I suspect this photo really doesn’t do the frosted color justice.

Emerald Green and Kelly Green

If you’d like to decorate with a brighter green than the dull forest greens and hunter greens that are on-trend right now, consider emerald green or kelly green. These vibrant hues pair well with many of the other on-trend colors for 2019. For example, you could use emerald green as an accent color for decorating a black and white room.


Blue is the next hue you’ll want to consider for your 2019 interior design projects. Blue is livable, lovable and appealing for use in most rooms of the home. Check out the following up-to-date ideas for blues you might want to incorporate into your home in 2019:

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue can take on a retro personality, or it can look up-to-the-minute contemporary. Either way, it’s a fantastic accent color to consider using in your home.

If you’re really brave, you could maybe even use it as a main color. Check out this sophisticated kitchen design featured at the True Residential website as an example of how amazing cobalt can look as a main color:

True Residential is the manufacturer of the appliances in this on-trend, cobalt blue kitchen On the far left, you can see a 48-inch-Full Size Refrigerator in a cobalt finish with a glass door. The Hardware is shown in brass. On the same wall, on the far right is a 30-inch Glass Door Refrigerator Column in a cobalt finish and brass hardware. At the edge of a picture, the dual zone 30-inch Wine Column is shown in stainless steel and brass hardware. Photo is courtesy of True Residential and is used with permission.

And here’s an example of a kitchen where cobalt is an accent, but it’s so powerful that you’re likely to perceive it as being a main color:

This trendy blue and white kitchen features an open floor plan with a view of the living area. Other on-trend kitchen elements include an undermount sink and a single-lever faucet equipped with Moen's brand new Power Boost™ technology. Photo Courtesy of Moen.com.
This trendy blue and white kitchen features an open floor plan with a view of the living area. Other on-trend kitchen elements include an undermount sink and a single-lever faucet equipped with Moen’s brand new Power Boost™ technology. Photo Courtesy of Moen.com.

Medium Blue

“Blueprint” by Behr Paints

Behr's color of the year is called Blueprint. It's the medium blue wall color you see in this living room photo.
Behr’s color of the year is called Blueprint. It’s the medium blue wall color you see in this living room photo.

Staff at Behr paints has selected “Blueprint” as the company’s color of the year for 2019. Blueprint is a medium blue that they describe as being

“warmer than denim and softer than navy”.

Navy Blue

The folks over at Vox.com have pointed out that they’re seeing navy and brass combinations taking over everything in interior design right now. While I wouldn’t agree they’re literally taking over everything, — I’m also seeing lots of other color palettes around — I do think navy blue and brass is a lovely and inspiring color combination. If it appeals to you, definitely consider it as a possibility for your 2019 decorating projects.

You can see more blue kitchens in our 2019 kitchen trends report.

Black and White

When it comes to color palettes, black and white is one of the most enduring classics of all time — yet it’s also skyrocketing in popularity right now.


Over the course of the last decade. gray reigned as the most prominent trendy neutral. Beige took a backseat, but now beige is making a comeback. Pale beiges are now once again being seen in prominent spots in trendy, high-end homes.


Greige = sophisticated shades that fall somewhere in between gray and beige. If you have all gray everything in your home, and you want to transition away from that look, but you can’t get rid of everything and start with a clean slate, greige is a good choice of colors to introduce into your color palette. Greiges can take on many different undertones — bluish, purplish, greenish, reddish, etc. Do consider your accent colors when you choose a greige and make sure the undertone complements them.

Gold, Yellow and Brass

If you’re yearning for something different than the cool grays and silvery metallics that have been popular in the recent past, take a look at the lovely warm-colored surfaces and textiles that are becoming available:


People over at the Better Homes and Gardens website have pinpointed brass and gold as making a comeback in home décor.

“In tandem with its cousin gold, brass is now beginning to overtake chrome and brushed nickel as the preferred metal of choice. Use it on your faucets, frames, and fixtures.”

As far as sales of kitchen, lavatory, bathtub and shower faucets go, Home Innovation reports a vastly different story: that sales of brass faucets have been miniscule as compared against sales of chrome, stainless steel, nickel and bronze faucets.

I haven’t yet found sales data regarding other categories of brass items such as mirror frames and lamps; perhaps brass is selling better in those categories than it is in faucets. I will update this report ASAP if I’m able to find more conclusive data.

My main takeaway: Brass and gold appear as if they are poised to be among the new up-and-coming trendy metals. I don’t expect to see them actually achieve a critical mass of sales in 2019 – but for those of you who are interested in being early adopters, 2019 is a good year to buy in. It is possible that brass and gold could be two of the next big things in the 2020s and beyond.

But, here’s the thing: In the past, many people have perceived brass and gold as being surfaces to incorporate into traditional décor – and traditional décor has been waning in popularity in favor of transitional styles. So, brass will have to overcome that perception before it can gain truly mainstream popularity again. That reality might possibly relegate brass to always being a slower seller and never actually achieving mass-market popularity, despite the fact that many prominent interior decorators and design influencers are currently enthralled with it.

Brushed Gold

Just about everything I wrote above about brass also applies to brushed gold.

Golden Yellow

Yellow complements many of the other popular hues right now. It’s a great choice for a vibrant, eye-catching accent color — or if you’re really brave, you could even consider using it as a main color.

Wood Tones and Woodsy Browns

Wood will remain popular in many aspects of home decor in 2019, particularly for flooring and architectural accents. It’s an excellent counterpoint to some of the brighter colors that people will be decorating with in 2019. You can feel confident in using woodsy colors in any prominent spot in your home in 2019.

Terra Cotta; Flesh Color; Salmon Pinks; Corals; Peach

Terra cotta, peach, coral, salmon and those sorts of hues were trendy in the 1980s — and they’ve recently made a comeback as part of the 1980s revival that’s been happening.

So there you have it: Initial intel about which colors are poised to be the trendiest in 2019. If you’re interested in refreshing your paint color palette, buying new furniture or remodeling one or more rooms in your home, these are all fantastic colors to consider. We’ll be updating this report as new information unfolds; we expect to see more manufacturers releasing 2019 colors of the year and 2019 color trend palettes soon, and we’ll keep you updated as we find new information.


This page was last updated on 10-21-2018.

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