Las Vegas Interiors

If you’re interested in remodeling, renting, buying or building a home in Las Vegas, Nevada, you might be curious about the area’s current prevailing interior design styles and trends. This is the place to get the scoop on decorating Las Vegas interiors.

Many Las Vegas homes incorporate elements of contemporary style and / or Southwestern style. You’ll also encounter homes decorated in the other major design styles as well; there are plenty of modern homes in the area, as well as transitional and traditional homes.

Crucial Amenities for Las Vegas Interiors

Las Vegas Bathrooms — There are no set-in-stone requirements for Las Vegas bathrooms, but ideally, you’ll want to include more than one of them in your home if at all possible.

Think about it. “Sin city” is famous for its nightlife — particularly for its bars and casinos. After you’ve spent an evening boozing up at a local hotspot, what happens when you get home that night, or the next morning?

That’s right. Everyone who got a little carried away at the bar is going to feel compelled to get closely acquainted with the nearest bathroom. So, if there aren’t enough bathrooms to go around, this gets to be problematic. In Las Vegas, you really can’t have too many bathrooms at your place.

Ironically enough, water conservation is a secondary critical consideration in Las Vegas bathrooms. Las Vegas doesn’t get much precipitation, and not so long ago the area was suffering from extreme drought conditions. If you have the opportunity to build or remodel a Las Vegas bathroom, you’ll want to install water-efficient toilets and fixtures. This will help you minimize your water bills and maximize your return on investment in the long run. See also: important Green design trends, an article which delves more deeply into the topic of water efficiency, a crucial consideration for Las Vegas home buyers and renters.

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Las Vegas Kitchens — Las Vegas is known as the ultimate partygoer’s destination — and ideally, a Las Vegas kitchen will reflect this. Large kitchens in the 1000-1500 square foot range are not unusual in Las Vegas. Open floor plans are popular, and you’ll often find that the kitchen is visible from the family room or other rooms in the home.

Dual Controled Wine Coolers Are Trending Up in Las Vegas Kitchens
Dual Controled Wine Coolers Are Trending Up in Las Vegas Kitchens.

In a Las Vegas kitchen, it’s desirable to include a large refrigerator with plenty of room for chilling snacks, wine and beer. Dual-controlled wine coolers, well-stocked wine racks and wine storage areas are also popular additions to Las Vegas kitchens.

Granite and quartz are often used for constructing countertops in Las Vegas kitchens. Tile is another ubiquitous surface in Las Vegas kitchen designs, and in Las Vegas homes in general. Popular kitchen tile fabrications include slate, granite, travertine, marble, glass, ceramic, and porcelain. You’ll often encounter natural stone tiles and other natural stone surfaces.

Many Las Vegas kitchens follow general kitchen design trends for colors, cabinetry, and fixtures.

So there you have it; now you’re updated about the current interior design trends in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hopefully this info will empower you with ideas for creating Las Vegas interiors that will meet your needs.


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