2017 Color Trends

Wondering about 2017 interior color trends and 2017 paint color trends? We’ve got the scoop for you. We’ve researched the top home décor color trends for 2017, and we have gathered the information we found from bunches of different sources into one place — which is the page you’re looking at.

2017 could turn out to be either colorful or boring, depending on which set of color experts you want to listen to, and how you want to interpret their ideas into your own home, design work and / or color palettes.

Is Gray Still a Trendy Color for 2017?

Gray has been the top neutral color for almost the past decade now — which is about the typical lifespan of most interior color trends. So the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not gray is still the go-to trendy color in 2017, or if there’s a new color emerging as the top trendy color.

The official verdict: Gray is not dead yet. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, their members have been busy installing kitchens and baths done up in gray, gray and more gray. We also have grays topping the list of 2017 color palettes at some well-respected paint manufacturers.


Here’s my opinion: If you’re starting to create a brand new interior environment from scratch –remodeling, redecorating or building a brand new home — I’d personally advise you to choose something other than gray as your main color unless gray is a color that delights you to the deepest depths of your soul.

I make this suggestion for the following reasons:

  • In the freshest and most inspiring new homes I’ve visited lately, gray is not being used much. I’m seeing white, warm colors like terra cotta and copper, and greens all over the place. Taupe, yes. Gray, not so much.
  • Many top trendsetters have already moved on from gray.
  • Grays can be tricky to match due to the subtle nuances and undertones that comprise them. For example, just when you think you have the perfect gray carpet to match your gray wallpaper, you might realize that, at night with the lights on they match tolerably well, but in daylight your carpet is actually much more taupe-y in color and the wallpaper almost looks blue in comparison.
  • Gray can be kind of a dull and depressing color if it isn’t used thoughtfully, carefully and in moderation. You might be happier surrounded by a different color.

But that is just my opinion. As I reported, gray is still an item for 2017. Multiple respected paint manufacturers have included grays prominently in their selections of color trends for 2017. Retailers and manufacturers are still selling truckloads of gray furnishings. So you still have plenty of options for decorating with gray if that would make you happy.

Personally, I do think that gray will look dated soon.

If you’re redecorating a home that is already decorated in gray, that leaves you with a dilemma: Do you get rid of all the gray and start with a new color palette, or do you keep the gray and go with it?

If that’s your situation, I encourage you to make choices that you feel are most sustainable in the long term:

  • Keep what you can — as much of it as possible. Don’t be silly enough to get rid of your furnishings just to stay on top of trends; only get rid of things that have truly outlived their usefulness.
  • Consider slipcovers as a means to camouflage colors or fabrics that really don’t work in your current environment. Slipcovers are actually a top trend right now.
  • Worry more about how your environment makes you feel than whether or not it is on-trend. If it makes you feel energized, happy, calm, relaxed or however you truly want to feel when you’re at home, it’s working for you. And if it doesn’t — then it’s time to start looking around at what you can change to help you achieve the desired mood and environment in your home.

Trendy Gray Paint Colors for 2017:

The Taupe and Greige Color Trend for 2017

If gray and brown were to get married and have kids, taupe would be the result. Another variation of this is “greige”, a hybrid of gray and beige. If you were thinking of maybe going with a gray color scheme, a taupe or a greige is a fantastic compromise to consider.

Trendy Taupes for 2017:

  • Poised Taupe

The Blue Color Trend for 2017

Blue is projected to be another trendy color for 2017. Different blue choices abound, but they fall into several main categories:

  • Grayed-down blues; at first glance, you aren’t quite sure if they’re blue or gray.
  • Classic navy blues.
  • Pale, icy, barely-there baby blues. Some of these could be mistaken for ultra-cool whites.
  • Serene blues that complement the icy baby blue pastels noted above.
  • Bright teal blues that pop.
  • Denim blues

Where to Use Blue in 2017 Home Interiors

  • Blue is a restful choice for use as either a main color or an accent color in the bedroom.
  • Blue accents are trendy for bathrooms and powder rooms in 2017.
  • Blue is just the right choice for home offices and workspaces.

The White Color Trend for 2017

White is shaping up to be one of the hottest colors for 2017.

Don’t yawn!

White is one of those classic colors that you could argue doesn’t belong on a “top color trends” list, because it’s always in style. And white is one of those safe, no-brainer colors that some people might view as boring. But having said that, there are many exciting things you can do with white, and it’s really hard to go wrong with introducing white paint, white surfaces, white accessories and entire white rooms into your decorating scheme.

Where to Use White in 2017 Home Interiors

  • White kitchens are a top trend in 2017. This is a carryover trend from previous years that is still going strong for 2017.
  • The bathroom is another ideal place to incorporate white in the home. It’s almost ridiculous to state that white bathrooms are trendy, because they’re always in style — but it’s true. If you take a look at how top trendsetters are decorating their bathrooms for 2017, you’ll find a whole lot of white.

Trendy White Paint Colors for 2017:

The Black Color Trend for 2017

If white is a trendy color for 2017, it makes perfect sense to acknowledge Black as a companion.

Where to Use Black in 2017 Home Interiors

  • Many trendsetters are decorating their kitchens with black and white.
  • Black is finding its way into luxurious bathrooms, again paired with white.

Trendy Black Paints and Stains for 2017:

  • Benjamin Moore’s “Ebony King” made their list of color trends for 2017.
  • Duraseal is offering a new black stain for finishing wood flooring.

Going Green in 2017

Green has a place in many homes in 2017. Color palettes include a variety of different greens, some of which fall into the following main categories:

  • Grayed-down, mossy greens
  • Vibrant, attention-grabbing emerald greens
  • Leafy plant greens

Pantone’s pick for color of the year is radically different than the cool grays and blues that predominate the paint manufacturers’ choices this year. At the head of the green list is “Greenery”, a fresh, liveable mid-tone green that is Pantone’s pick for color of the year.

Pantone’s choice is worth paying attention to because of their position in the market. They aren’t a paint purveyor, but rather they’re a company that creates a standardized system of colors that fashion and home furnishings industry professionals use for specifying the colors they’ll use for their products. What that means: Pantone is a company that has unique insights into the colors that thousands of manufacturers are currently using. If anyone’s well positioned to predict color trends, it’s the folks at Pantone.

It also means that “Greenery” doesn’t exist as a paint color in any paint manufacturer’s off-the-shelf offerings. If you want to paint your walls or other surfaces with this color, you’ll have to have to order a swatch of the Greenery color standard from Pantone and then ask your favorite paint manufacturer to mix the color.

Where to Use Green in 2017 Home Interiors

  • Emerald greens are popping up as interesting accents in cushions, throws, draperies and other textiles.
  • Green house plants are trendy for 2017 and beyond; these are lovely in any room. In the kitchen, fresh green herbs are a great way to introduce the color green into the decor.

Wood Color Trends for 2017

Walnut and walnut-colored woods are an item for 2017. They’re being used in clean, simple, modern kitchen cabinetry designs; they’re also an item for wood flooring. This trend is apparently in its early stages.

Reddish toned woods have been out of fashion for awhile now, and we’re seeing this trend continue. Since red oak is one of the most ubiquitous wood flooring materials in America, a proliferation of stains and other products have emerged that can help you camouflage the red in your red oak — if that’s what you want to do.

So that’s the information we found detailing the latest color trends and interior paint colors for 2017. We hope you find this information useful when you plan any renovations, upgrades or modifications to your home.


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