2018 Color Trends

Are you wondering about the colors that will be trendy for interior decorating in 2018? If so, we invite you to check out our report covering 2018 color trends. We’ve made a couple of significant observations that we think will affect interior color palettes in 2018.

Gold Is a New Up-and-Coming Color for 2018

For over 200 years, the American public has embraced the First Family of the USA as the nation’s most prominent trendsetters in both fashion and home décor. The current president, Donald Trump, along with his wife Melania, were considered trendsetters long before they moved into the White House.

On the decorating front, the Trumps favor a palette that’s heavy on gold. The color scheme at the Trump’s New York City penthouse prominently includes gold along with beige, blush pink and warm-toned neutrals. The Trumps’ Palm Beach Florida estate, known as Mar-a-Lago, also includes copious amounts of gold. One highlight of the estate is the grand ballroom featuring 7 million dollars worth of gold leaf. The installation of four gold-plated sinks cost Trump $100,000.

With all the above in mind, gold is clearly a top candidate for the trendiest interior color in 2018.

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It Looks Like Gray Is on Its Way Out for 2018

Gray has been the top trendy neutral color for almost a decade now. The question on everyone’s minds is how much longer gray will continue to remain popular.

In early 2017, Realtor.com reported that President Trump removed casual gray suede couches from the décor in the Oval Office. Make of that what you will; we’re interpreting that to mean that gray is on its way out. Even before that came to our attention, we didn’t think it would be likely for gray to remain trendy for much longer.

If you decide to decorate with gray in 2018, we’d advise using it only in ways that are relatively easy to change. For example, gray accent colors in your paint color scheme would be fine since they could easily be changed if the gray trend does die out in 2018 or shortly thereafter.

Update 3-15-2018: We stand corrected. While many top designers, trendsetters and media personalities have publicly agreed with us that gray is on its way out, apparently the American public failed to get the memo. They’re still painting their kitchens gray and buying gray home decor items. Details and statistics are now available in our 2018 kitchen trends report. Check it out to see some in-depth statistics on which surfaces in the kitchen are gray, and which surfaces are being remodeled in other colors.

Black and White Is a Key Color Palette for 2018

Black and white have been trending up since at least 2016. By all appearances, this color combination is still gaining steam, and will remain popular in 2018.

These are the three of the most noteworthy color trends we’ve observed; we think these three trends will impact interior décor in 2018 on a broad scale. We’re still working on compiling the remainder of our extensive list of color trend predictions and observations for 2018; we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our future trend reports as they become available.


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This page was last updated on 3-16-2018.

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