December 6, 2023

2018 Kitchen Trends

91 Fresh Kitchen Trends for 2018

2018 Kitchen Trends

Want to update the look of your kitchen? Maybe you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen, or you’re building a brand new home. Or perhaps you just want to upgrade a few important details in your existing kitchen décor. If you’re freshening up your kitchen in any form, before you spend any money, it pays to get informed about the current kitchen design trends for 2018.

This photo gives you a glimpse at 3 of the top 2018 kitchen trends: An L-shaped layout; speckled tile flooring that resembles terrazzo; and a gray color palette. Although gray is now a mature color trend, it's still going strong as of early 2018.Photo Courtesy of
This photo gives you a glimpse at 3 of the top kitchen trends for 2018: An L-shaped layout; speckled tile flooring that resembles terrazzo; and a gray color palette by Dunn Edwards. Although gray is now a mature color trend, it’s still going strong as of early 2018. Photo Courtesy of

2018 Kitchen Layouts:

1. L-Shaped Kitchens Are the Top Trend for 2018

Experts at Houzz report that homeowners in the USA are now embracing the L-shaped kitchen, and that the U-shaped kitchen is in decline. However, U-shaped kitchens remain a popular choice and have only fallen slightly behind L-shaped kitchens in popularity. Galley kitchens are a distant third, followed by single wall kitchens.

2. Open Floor Plans With Improved Delineation Between Spaces

Open floor plans aren’t new by any means; this is a mature trend that is still current for 2018. What’s new: Builders and home remodelers are taking steps to improve the differentiation between living spaces in homes without totally eliminating the open elements. In some cases, this is accomplished through the use of partial walls or cabinetry.

According to a recent National Association of Home Builders press release, some experts believe that the “great room”, comprised of an open kitchen, dining room and family room, may be poised for a future decline in popularity after 30+ years of being a dominant home design trend. So far, we don’t see this decline happening in 2018 to any significant degree; in the same press release, the NAHB announced survey results indicating that the majority of new homes being built in 2018 will have great rooms. Given the glacial pace at which such entrenched home design trends reverse themselves, I’m guessing this will be a possibility to watch for in 2019, 2020 and the years beyond.

My main takeaway from all this: Before you decide to knock down any walls in a newly-purchased older home, you might want to wait a bit and see how this trend plays out in the long term — unless, of course, you have your heart set on having a great room no matter what happens with home design trends in the future.

2018 Kitchen Color Trends

3. Colorful Kitchens

This trendy blue and white kitchen features an open floor plan with a view of the living area. Other on-trend kitchen elements include an undermount sink and a single-lever faucet equipped with Moen's brand new Power Boost technology. Photo Courtesy of
This trendy blue and white kitchen features an open floor plan with a view of the living area. Other on-trend kitchen elements include an undermount sink and a single-lever faucet equipped with Moen’s brand new Power Boost technology. Photo Courtesy of

On one hand, bunches of prominent interior designers and media personalities are proclaiming that 2018 will be the year kitchens become more colorful, after years where white or gray color schemes predominated. On the other hand, the vast majority of the actual sales data we’ve seen from the recent past indicates that consumers haven’t yet got that particular memo; for the most part, they’re still gravitating towards gray or white kitchens.

The home experts at Houzz recently conducted a 2018 Kitchen Trends Study, where they polled more than 1,700 homeowners who are either in the process of remodeling, have recently remodeled or are about to start the process of remodeling. The study gives us an idea of a few areas where consumers are readily adopting a mixed color palette in their kitchens:

  • 27 percent of the homeowners they surveyed said that they had installed or were planning to install multicolored kitchen countertops.
  • 19 percent had installed or were planning to install a multicolored backsplash.
  • 7 percent had installed or were planning to install multicolored flooring.

4. Ultra Violet Kitchens? Maybe! But, Probably Not.

The color experts at Pantone have chosen Ultra Violet, a deep, vibrant purple hue, as their 2018 color of the year. This color is generally right on trend in 2018 for fashion, cosmetics and some aspects of interior design, including bathroom decor and girls’ bedroom decor. But will homeowners adopt it for their kitchens in 2018?

If you saw our kitchen trends report or the NKBA’s trend report from 2017, you might remember an interesting item on it: Some of the trendiest and most fashion-forward kitchen designers actually were incorporating purple into their kitchen designs. Is this a trend that will go mainstream in 2018?

I think that’s unlikely, although it is certainly possible. If you want to give purple kitchen elements a try in your home this year, you’ll have a surprising number of options available to work with; manufacturers are making some super cool ultra violet kitchen accessories available.

5. White Kitchens Remain the Top Trend in 2018

White is a classic color in the kitchen, but it’s also one of the top kitchen color trends for 2018. You can’t ever go wrong with a white kitchen.

Experts at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) report that white is still one of the two most preferred colors for kitchens in the majority of their members’ clients homes.

Houzz reports that white is currently one of the two most desired colors for new kitchen countertops; this preference was revealed in their 2018 US kitchen trends study. 27 percent of their poll respondents reported installing or wanting to install white countertops in their new kitchens.

White was also their poll respondents’ top choice of kitchen cabinet colors. White was the color chosen by 43 percent; in contrast, only 25 percent chose wood tones and only 9 percent chose gray cabinets.

White was also the top color choice for kitchen backsplashes, with 36 percent of the poll respondents reporting white as their top choice of backsplash colors in 2018.

Surprisingly, white was not the most popular kitchen wall color among poll respondents in this study. However, it was the second most popular wall color, with 24 percent of the vote.

6. Gray Kitchens

This kitchen features multiple design elements that are on trend for 2018: quartz countertops, undermount sinks, wood-finished flooring, a tile backsplash, painted cabinets and copper accessories. The stylish faucets are from the Delancey collection by American Standard. Photo courtesy of
This kitchen features multiple design elements that are on trend for 2018: quartz countertops, undermount sinks, wood-finished flooring, a tile backsplash, painted cabinets and copper accessories. The stylish faucets are from the Delancey collection by American Standard. Photo courtesy of

Gray has now been the go-to trendy neutral color for about a decade. The questions on everyone’s minds right now: how much longer will this color trend continue? Is gray still relevant for 2018?

There are smart, opinionated people on both sides of the debate. In our 2017 kitchen trend report, we pointed out that Kerrie Kelly from Zillow Digs put cool gray on her list of “fads to forget from 2016”. She predicted that jewel colors like emerald green and sapphire blue were the new trendy colors for 2017 and beyond — and indeed, we’re now seeing greens and blues trending up, up, UP.

Look beyond the beautiful flower arrangement and still life pictured in the foreground of this picture; the wall behind the arrangement is painted in The Green Hour, which is Dunn Edwards' 2018 color of the year. Photo courtesy of
Look beyond the beautiful flower arrangement and still life pictured in the foreground of this picture; the wall behind the arrangement is painted in “The Green Hour”, which is Dunn Edwards’ 2018 color of the year. Photo courtesy of

Experts at the NKBA have reported that 52 percent of their members chose blue as one of the trendiest kitchen colors in 2018. Data from Houzz’s 2018 kitchen trends study points to blue and green as the fourth and fifth most popular kitchen wall colors for 2018. A couple of paint manufacturers have chosen greens as their 2018 color of the year; the color experts at Dunn Edwards selected ” The Green Hour” as their trendiest shade for the year; the team at Valspar selected “Deep Green” as their color of the year.

But do you want to take a guess at what the most popular wall color on the Houzz study turned out to be?

It’s gray. 27 percent of the survey respondents have chosen gray kitchen walls for their kitchen remodeling projects.

It’s worth noting that gray wasn’t so popular for other surfaces in the kitchen. 13 percent of the homeowners surveyed in Houzz’s study chose gray for their backsplashes, making gray the third most popular backsplash color choice in that particular group. 13 percent selected gray flooring, and only 9 percent chose gray colored cabinets for their new kitchen remodeling projects.

In more general terms, gray was tied with white for the #1 top trendiest kitchen color choice in the NKBA’s 2018 kitchen trends member survey. I don’t have a breakdown of the data on which gray surfaces, specifically, that NKBA members are installing in their clients’ homes.

Taken together, all this data indicates that gray is far from dead in 2018. Even so, I wouldn’t advise anyone who’s building from scratch to install a brand new gray kitchen — unless gray is the only kitchen color you’re lusting after. By all means, pick the kitchen color that would make you happiest — and if it’s gray, you definitely shouldn’t let my lack of enthusiasm stop you.

Do keep in mind that, at this point, gray is a mature color trend. At some point soon, gray will start to look dated. In a year or two, you won’t want to have a brand new gray kitchen that looks like it’s already 10 years old.

To my way of thinking, a smart approach would be to choose something other than gray for surfaces that are hard to change — like the countertops, backsplash and flooring. If you must have gray, put it in spots that are relatively easy to change. Paint colors and kitchen textiles are a couple of shorter-lived possibilities. If you really want gray on your kitchen floor, consider choosing a solid hardwood floor with a gray finish that can easily be changed later, rather than installing a gray tile floor.

7. Color Blocked and Two-Toned Kitchens

Homeowners are making some interesting choices when it comes to color schemes. Things don’t automatically have to be “matchy-matchy” in the kitchen like they used to be in times past.

Color blocking can keep the look of your kitchen interesting. It is a smart way to introduce more than one color in the kitchen, without the look getting too busy or overwhelming.

8. Black and Other Dark-Colored Kitchens Are Trendy for 2018

Significant numbers of newly revamped 2018 kitchens include at least one dark color as a main focus in the color palette. Experts at the NKBA report that 41 percent of their members chose black as one of the top trendy kitchen colors for 2018, based on the work they’re currently performing on behalf of their clients. In most cases, the black is offset with lighter or brighter colors for kitchen designs that offer visually appealing levels of color contrast. Here are a few color combinations that are popping up with frequency in newly built and recently remodeled kitchens:

  • Black and white
  • Ebony and white
  • Dark charcoal gray with lighter pearl gray
  • Dark charcoal gray with white
  • Black and gray; black, gray and white

Black appliances and other black surfaces are trendy in the kitchen right now. These pair well with gray surfaces and white surfaces, both of which are also popular at the moment. Black stainless steel is an option, and traditional stainless steel appliances are still relevant as well.

Kitchen flooring is another spot where dark colors are showing up. However, unless your heart is really, truly set on having a dark colored kitchen floor, I’d personally advise against installing one at this point in the trend’s life cycle. While dark kitchen flooring continues to be a hot item by all appearances, it’s a mature trend that may be nearing the end of its reign of popularity. More importantly, dark flooring requires extra work to maintain, and many homeowners report dissatisfaction with it because of that.

9. Blue Kitchens

This blue kitchen is on trend for 2018. Some of the trendy elements in the design include white painted cabinets, wood-finished flooring and a single lever faucet. The paint color is In the Moment Blue by Behr. Photo Credit: TC Studios / Courtesy of
This blue kitchen is on trend for 2018. Some of the trendy elements in the design include white painted cabinets, wood-finished flooring and a single lever faucet. The paint color is In the Moment Blue by Behr. Photo Credit: TC Studios / Courtesy of

Blue is a fresh, new up-and-coming color being used in kitchen color palettes for 2018. In Houzz’s 2018 kitchen trends study, blue was one of the most popular color choices for a couple of different design elements in the kitchen. 7 percent of the surveyed homeowners had painted or were about to paint their kitchen walls blue. 5 percent had installed or were about to install blue backsplashes.

Patterned tile backsplashes are one of the top 2018 kitchen trends. This patterned blue and white ceramic tile was a best-seller in 2017, and the design is still selling briskly so far in 2018. The tile would make a spectacular backsplash in the kitchen, and it is also suitable for kitchen flooring.
Patterned tile backsplashes are one of the top 2018 kitchen trends. This patterned blue and white ceramic tile was a best-seller in 2017, and the design is still selling briskly so far in 2018. The tile would make a spectacular backsplash in the kitchen, and it is also suitable for kitchen flooring.

10. Beige Kitchens Are Making a Comeback in 2018

A surprising item on 2018’s kitchen color trend report: Beige kitchens are back. Experts at the NKBA report that 40 percent of their members are specifying beige in their kitchen design projects and have chosen beige as one of the top trendy kitchen colors for 2018. 21 percent of the homeowners surveyed in Houzz’s 2018 kitchen trends study reported including beige kitchen walls in their recent or current kitchen remodels. 8 percent reported installing beige-colored kitchen backsplashes.

2018 Kitchen Style Trends

11. Farmhouse Style Kitchens

Trendy farmhouse style kitchen for 2018: Here in this photo, you see a collaboration between and Staff at This Old House chose Moen's faucet as one of their top 100 kitchen products.
Trendy farmhouse style kitchen for 2018: Here in this photo, you see a collaboration between and Staff at This Old House chose Moen’s faucet as one of their top 100 kitchen products.

Farmhouse style isn’t anything new, but what’s new for 2018: Farmhouse style kitchens have surged in popularity to become the #1 kitchen style. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, their members reported that farmhouse style kitchens were the top trend.

What distinguishes a farmhouse style kitchen, you might wonder? It’s basically an au courant take on country style — an offshoot of transitional that blends vintage and contemporary elements. The result is a comfortable, functional environment that performs well in the present while hinting at how things were in the past. The farmhouse kitchen is likely to incorporate elements such as a generous pantry, a gigantic apron-front sink that works well for starting seedlings and canning home-grown veggies (more on apron-front sinks below), and nostalgic elements like pitchers or vases filled with homegrown garden flowers.

There’s probably a spacious eating area in the farmhouse kitchen, whether it’s a grand kitchen table or an eat-in breakfast nook. There’s also likely to be freestanding furniture such as a hutch or china cabinet filled with the “good china”.

There’s been a separate trend towards having a fireplace in the kitchen, and that fits right in with this kitchen style. If you don’t want an actual, functioning fireplace in your kitchen, a brick wall can be evocative of the look.

12. Transitional Style Kitchens Are the #2 Kitchen Style Trend for 2018.

A transitional kitchen is one that incorporates elements that are both traditional and contemporary. In the past few years, transitional was the most important design style for kitchens, with many homeowners remodeling their kitchens to reflect this style. We expect to see transitional kitchens remaining popular in 2018.

13. Contemporary Style Kitchens Are the #3 Kitchen Style Trend for 2018.

Last year, the National Kitchen and Bath Association reported that contemporary-style kitchens had overtaken traditional kitchens in popularity, making contemporary kitchens the second most popular kitchen design style at the time. That position has dropped down a notch to #3, but it’s still a tremendously important style trend. This year’s Houzz kitchen trends study corroborates the idea that contemporary kitchens remain relevant and trendy in 2018.

14. Traditional Style Kitchens Are Declining in Popularity, but Still Important.

In many areas of the USA, the traditional style has been declining in popularity since at least 2015. However, we see no evidence that the traditional style is dead. There’s still plenty of demand for it.

It’s worth noting that multiple prominent manufacturers of kitchen faucets and fixtures have released new product offerings in the traditional category within the last few years. This is an indication of how much demand does still exist for kitchen elements in the traditional style. It takes a significant amount of demand to justify the design and product development costs for new offerings such as these.

Demand for traditional style kitchen fixtures is driven in part by homeowners remodeling older traditional style homes. No matter what the current trends are, the style of a home still dictates what its furnishings should look like to a significant degree.

15. Shaker Style Kitchens

“Shaker style” is a style that fits within the broader transitional style. It is a minimalist look that is more traditional than modern style, but shares some common characteristics such as clean, simple lines and an uncluttered appearance.

16. Art Deco Style Kitchens

We’re seeing reports that an art deco style revival is underway in 2018.

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The Healthy Kitchen Trend

17. Natural, Chemical Free, Organic and Healthy Kitchens

Several of our sources have reported that the “Healthy Home” is becoming one of the top worldwide lifestyle trends. When it comes to healthy kitchens, consumers are interested in a range of different aspects. They particularly want to use natural, non-toxic and chemical-free materials in the kitchen — and this encompasses elements in the kitchen beyond just organic foods and chemical-free soaps and cleaners. Homeowners are seeking out everything from low-VOC paints to formaldehyde-free cabinets to nontoxic waxes for finishing their hardwood flooring.

18. Decluttering the Kitchen

The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks
The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks. Click here to see my review of this book. The short version: It’s an excellent book packed with useful, practical information. If you ever feel like your kitchen looks cluttered or you aren’t sure about the best way to clean any of the elements in it, this is a book you need.

Decluttering is another crucial element of the healthy kitchen trend. In general, decluttering is one of the hottest lifestyle trends for 2018. Houzz’s 2018 Kitchen trends survey reflects homeowners’ current obsessions with decluttering and organizing in the kitchen. Numerous other sources corroborate this as being an important trend.

It seems that nobody can agree on exactly what needs to be decluttered in the kitchen. The main point of agreement is that people should declutter anything and everything they don’t need and aren’t using. The substance of what should be decluttered is different for each household.

Lately I’ve seen an abundance of articles popping up on exactly this topic — what to declutter. In each and every case, the comments section of the article has been filled with arguments from people who disagree with the article author about items on the list that need decluttering. I’ve seen articles suggesting that people should consider decluttering kitchen knife sets, breadmakers and even place settings from their dinnerware. I wouldn’t personally want to declutter any of the above, but I’m onboard with the idea of getting rid of gadgets you’ll never use and don’t need — especially if your kitchen space is limited.

One of the best books I’ve read so far in 2018 is The Modern Organic Home by Natalie Wise. This book covers several important topics, one of which is cleaning and decluttering the home. The author includes specific instructions for succeeding with the overwhelming task of decluttering a cluttered kitchen. If you need help with this process, I highly recommend the book. The author breaks the process down into manageable steps that anyone can manage — even if you’re starting with a complete mess of a kitchen or home. If you follow the included instructions in the book, you’ll end up with a clean, clutter-free kitchen you can be proud of.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018

19. Kitchen Enlargements Are Trending Up

40 percent of Houzz’s 2018 kitchen trends study participants were undertaking kitchen enlargements, up from 36 percent in 2017’s study.

20. Universal Design Features

Kitchen designers are paying increased attention to designing layouts that don’t require heavy lifting, back bending, stair climbing or other strenuous physical activities.

21. The Decline of DIY

DIY is trending down; use of professional contractors is trending up. However, the DIY movement is not dead by any means. It’s more popular in some niches than others, and do-it-yourselfers are still handling some of their own tasks at home. For example, home painting is still a big thing with the DIY crowd. The latest data provided by the folks at Home Innovation indicates that do-it-yourselfers are completing 69 percent of all interior painting. This figure is down a percentage point from the data they reported for 2015.

Homeowners, however, aren’t doing much of their own roofing; the latest data available from Home Innovation reveals that DIY enthusiasts are handling only 18 percent of their own roofing replacements. This figure is actually up a couple of percentage points; they reported that 16 percent had completed their own roofing replacements in 2015.

Houzz’s data from their 2018 Kitchen Trends Study corroborates these findings. They determined that 85 percent of the homeowners they surveyed had hired professional help for their recent and current remodeling jobs. They were likeliest to hire general contractors as opposed to other types of professionals such as architects or plumbers.

22. Coffee Stations

Coffee Station
Coffee Station

Do you make a beeline for the coffee maker every morning before you do anything else? Speaking only to those of you who have coffee mugs in an overhead cabinet, a coffee maker on the countertop, your coffee beans in the pantry, your organic coffee creamers in the fridge and your spoons in a separate drawer: Does this make any sense whatsoever?

No. No, it doesn’t.

That’s far more half-asleep stumbling around than you should really be doing to enable your daily coffee fix. Isn’t it?

The obvious solution: Set up a coffee station in your kitchen. Stock it with everything you need to fast track your morning caffeine buzz. That way you’ll have your first stop of the morning organized so you can get an efficient head start on your day.

We’re seeing bunches of different takes on this concept. Some people are keeping it simple with countertop or tabletop organizers for their coffee-drinking accessories. Others are taking it to extremes by setting up fancy, restaurant-worthy coffee makers on lavish furniture pieces. Either way, this is a trend that makes total sense for people who are coffee connoisseurs.

23. Gourmet Kitchens

Many homeowners want to stock their kitchens with all the amenities it takes to cook healthy, delicious gourmet meals. Those who are remodeling their kitchens are making space in both their floor plans and their budgets for these amenities.

24. The Traditional Kitchen Table Is in a State of Flux

For the past several years, we’ve reported that homeowners have been replacing their traditional kitchen tables with other elements such as kitchen islands or additional counter space. While that’s still an important trend, it appears that the traditional kitchen table is starting to regain traction in 2018. A kitchen table is an important element in reigning favorite kitchen style — the farmhouse style. So spacious tables are returning to kitchens across America in droves.

25. Pub Tables and Tall Gathering Tables in the Kitchen

Among those who are choosing to keep tables in their kitchens, pub tables, tall gathering tables and counter height tables are trendy choices for 2018. These tables are characterized by their height; they are typically 36 to 42 inches tall, which is taller than the standard kitchen table height of 30 inches.

Kitchen Countertops

The experts at Houzz polled over 1,700 homeowners who are working on home renovations. One of their key findings: Kitchen countertops are currently the most popular feature to upgrade in the process of kitchen remodeling. Let’s look at some of the most popular kitchen countertop materials in 2018.

26. Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Trendy kitchen design for 2018 featuring Moen's Align Spring faucet in the matte black finish. Other trendy kitchen elements you can observe in this picture: quartz countertops, wood-faced flat panel cabinets, a glass-faced cabinet, wood flooring and dark wood surfaces resembling walnut.
Trendy kitchen design for 2018 featuring Moen’s Align Spring faucet in the matte black finish. Other trendy kitchen elements you can observe in this picture: quartz countertops, wood-faced flat panel cabinets, a glass-faced cabinet, wood flooring and dark wood surfaces resembling walnut.

Quartz is attractive for its durability and its consistent color characteristics. It’s also the countertop material that top trendsetters are currently gravitating towards.

Last year, experts at the National Kitchen and Bath Association reported that quartz was the most popular countertop material their members were installing in new and remodeled kitchens. In May of 2017, staff at the Home Innovation website posted the results of an extensive homeowner survey indicating that quartz was the fastest-growing kitchen countertop material. Their data indicates that demand for quartz kitchen countertops has rocketed from 8 percent of all kitchen countertop replacements in 2011 to 17 percent in 2016. Although it has not yet reached a majority share of the total market, that’s an impressive growth rate.

27. Granite Kitchen Countertops

Are Granite Countertops Still On-Trend for 2018?

A big question on lots of peoples’ minds right now: Are granite countertops outdated in 2018? Or are they still on-trend this year?

Expert opinion diverges. On one hand, we have people proclaiming that granite is over. On the other hand, we have people hard at work installing stunning new granite countertops, sinks and other surfaces in some pretty impressive high-end kitchens.

Granite countertops have stayed on-trend for far longer than the typical lifespan of a trendy item. It seems that the granite trend should have died a long time ago — but it didn’t. And it hasn’t. Not yet, anyway.

While it hasn’t totally died yet, it may die soon. This is a maturing trend that some experts believe is now in decline. Houzz’s studies show that it has been losing market share among home remodelers for 3 years now.

However, Home Innovation’s data tells a different story; as of mid 2015, the experts at Home Innovation were reporting that granite was gaining in popularity for kitchen countertops at the expense of tile, laminates and solid surfacing. Their 2016 update on this topic alerted us that granite was used in more than half of all the new homes built in 2015.

Surveys conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) indicate that the majority of new homes that will be built in 2018 will have granite countertops, according to an NAHB press release dated January 10, 2018.

Let’s take a look at some of the hard statistics to see where granite currently stands in the marketplace.

As of May 2017, the experts at Home Renovation were reporting that granite was still the best-selling kitchen countertop material by a broad margin. Their data indicated that about 40 percent of homeowners who had made kitchen countertop replacements in 2016 had chosen new granite countertops to complete their kitchen remodels.

While some of the trendiest trendsetters have moved away from granite countertops, the home building and home buying markets as a whole are still embracing them. In a US 2018 Kitchen Trends study, Houzz staff notes that granite remains the top choice in rural areas but has been replaced by quartz in urban areas.

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28. Butcher Block and Wood Slab Kitchen Countertops

Trendy Kitchen With Wood Flooring and Butcher Block Prep Surface on the Kitchen Island. Paint Color Palette is by Dunn Edwards. Photo Courtesy of
Trendy Kitchen With Wood Flooring and Butcher Block Prep Surface on the Kitchen Island. Paint Color Palette is by Dunn Edwards. Photo Courtesy of

Wood countertops command a significantly smaller percentage of market share than their natural stone counterparts, but there’s significant current interest in them among homeowners who are remodeling. They were the third most popular countertop surface reported in Houzz’s 2018 kitchen trends study. 13 percent of the survey respondents reported installing, or planning to install, butcher block or wood slab countertops. In contrast, laminate countertops only commanded 5 percent market share of this group’s countertop replacement projects.

However, this trend appears to be taking root only in the home remodeling segment of the market, and not so much in new home building projects. In 2017, the experts at Home Innovation reported that laminate countertops had about a 21 percent market share in new single family detached homes based on their latest 2016 data — and butcher block countertops weren’t being installed in any significant percentage of the homes being built by the builders who responded to their survey.

Butcher block countertops are of particular interest as food prep surfaces in the kitchen. In some newly renovated kitchens, there’s a butcher block countertop as the main food prep surface, but natural stone countertops are used in the other areas throughout the rest of the kitchen.

As far as the trendiest wood species currently being used for wood countertops, American black walnut wood is one option that’s currently popular. The walnut can be finished with a rich chocolate brown-colored marine oil finish that harmonizes well with the dark-toned floors that are currently popular.

Other options include oak, blond maple, exotic woods and custom wood mixes where two or more woods are used in the same countertop for interesting patterned effects.

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29. Concrete Kitchen Countertops

While concrete kitchen countertops don’t have a majority market share by any means, they’re popular with DIY enthusiasts who are remodeling to create industrial style kitchens, contemporary style kitchens and mountain modern style kitchens. They’re attractive, cheap and relatively easy to implement, which makes them attractive to do-it-yourselfers on tight budgets. 3 percent of the homeowners who responded to Houzz’s 2018 kitchen trends study reported installing concrete countertops in their kitchens.

Concrete countertops haven’t at all caught on with new home builders. As of 2017, Home Innovation reports that the builders who responded to their survey were not installing significant numbers of concrete countertops in their building projects.

30. Mixed Countertop Materials

There’s no rule that says all your kitchen countertops have to be made of the same material. It can make sense to mix things up, as I mentioned above regarding kitchens that only include butcher block countertops in the food prep work stations. For an on-trend look that keeps things interesting, you could use a different surface on your kitchen island than what you’re using in your other countertops.

2018 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

31. Painted Cabinets

Multiple sources including the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and Houzz are reporting that painted cabinets are still the top trend among kitchen remodelers in 2018. However, Home Innovation reports that painted finishes are not even close to being the top trend in newly-built, single family detached homes; their latest data suggests only a 28 percent market share for painted cabinets as of a couple of years ago.

Their cabinetry expert also posted the following observations:

“As with many style trends, painted cabinets followed the traditional path beginning with luxury homes and then migrating to move-up and starter homes. The fact that 40% of luxury homes now have painted finishes, as do 30% of starter homes, means the trend is mature and will likely slow in the future.”

32. Wood Cabinets

This stylish kitchen features dark wood-finished cabinets that resemble walnut. Additional on-trend elements include an undermount sink and an single-lever faucet in the oil-rubbed bronze finish. The faucet is equipped with Moen's brand new PowerBoost technology. Photo courtesy of
This stylish kitchen features dark wood-finished cabinets that resemble walnut. Additional on-trend elements include an undermount sink and an single-lever faucet in the oil-rubbed bronze finish. The faucet is equipped with Moen’s brand new PowerBoost technology. Photo courtesy of

The vast majority of new home builders are installing wood cabinets in their building projects. According to Home Innovation’s post in mid 2017, about 67 percent of new single-family detached homes had wood finished cabinets installed. Among home remodelers, wood cabinets are the second most popular finish, but there isn’t a huge gap between wood and painted finishes in this segment of the market. In 2018, 2019 and beyond, wood cabinets are likely to be the trendiest choice.

33. Glass Cabinets

Stylish Kitchen Design Featuring Glass-Fronted Cabinets and Dark Flooring
Stylish Kitchen Design Featuring Glass-Fronted Cabinets and Dark Flooring. The On-Trend White Painted Cabinets Feature Paint by Dunn Edwards. Photo Courtesy of

Glass cabinets are trailing far behind painted and wooden cabinets, but there is a surprisingly high amount of interest in them among home remodelers.

In a couple of my affluent friends’ trendy homes, I made an interesting observation. They each have ONE large glass-fronted cabinet that’s holding interesting items like art glass vases and spectacular crystal decanter collections. The other cabinets that are holding mundane items like coffee mugs and soup bowls are wooden. In these peoples’ kitchens, the glass-fronted cabinets seem to have replaced open shelving, which they do not have.

Metal cabinets, which were a minor item mentioned on the NKBA’s 2017 kitchen trend report, apparently didn’t even warrant a mention on the summaries we’ve seen of this year’s trend report.

Laminate cabinets are far from being a top trend at the moment, but the latest data available indicates that they were being installed in about 5 percent of new, single-family detached homes as of a couple of years ago, according to Home Innovation.

Raised Panel in Frame Cabinets Are the Top Trend in Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles in Newly Built Homes

The latest data available from Home Innovation suggests that most builders of new homes are installing raised panel in frame cabinets. This style commands 51 percent of the total market share. In contrast, glass panel in frame cabinets only hold about 2 percent of that market share.

Other noteworthy kitchen cabinet trends are as follows:

  • 34. Formaldehyde-Free Cabinets; this is part of a larger trend towards healthier homes
  • 35.Wood-finished, flat panel cabinets
  • 36. All wood kitchen cabinets
  • 37. Flat walnut wood cabinets
  • 38. Rustic wood cabinets
  • 39. Reclaimed wood cabinets
  • 40. High-gloss kitchen cabinets
  • 41. Simple kitchen cabinet door styles
  • 42. Cabinets that look like furniture
  • 43. Rollouts and pullouts in the cabinets
  • 44. Under cabinet lighting
  • 45. Kitchens without wall cabinets
  • 46. Crown molding on kitchen cabinets is in decline, according to reports from various sources including the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Kitchen Tile Trends

Tile sales are trending up. In 2018’s latest kitchens, they are most often being installed in backsplashes and flooring.

47. Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles require less grout than smaller tiles do. As a result, they require less scrubbing and offer homeowners a cleaner, tidier look in the kitchen.

The downside is that they require special expertise to install, and they also have specific requirements as far as the substrates you can install them on.

Kitchen Faucet Trends

48. Single Lever Faucets

In mid 2017, the experts at Home Innovation reported that two-control faucets suffered a slight decline in market share the previous year. There have have also been some reports from the Kitchen and Bath International Show mentioning that manufacturers have invested heavily in new single-lever faucet product offerings.

Trendy Metal and Other Surfaces for 2018: Kitchen Faucets, Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and More

49. Nickel

Nickel-finished kitchen faucets have made a sudden upward surge in popularity. As of mid 2017, the experts at Home Innovation reported that nickel was the best-selling finish for faucets in single-family detached homes the previous year. Both brushed nickel and satin nickel remain popular finishes for kitchen hardware this year. Brushed nickel typically pairs especially well with stainless steel surfaces.

50. Brushed Gold

Gold has all the makings of an up-and-coming trendy metal to use for kitchen faucets, kitchen cabinet hardware and other elements in your kitchen and home. With the Trumps being some of the world’s top trendsetters right now, perhaps Donald Trump’s preference for gold has inspired some of the new product offerings in this category — although it’s also possible that it’s just a coincidence. Whatever the reason, there are some lovely new brushed gold and other gold kitchen elements that are becoming available.

So far, I have not found any sources documenting actual sales statistics for goldtone kitchen elements. My guess would be that they are not commanding a majority market share at this stage of the trend cycle. However, I could be wrong about that, as NKBA members have recently reported specifying numerous color pairings of gold and white.

The Status of Rose Gold in 2018?

It’s important to note that the up-and-coming gold surface I mentioned above is not to be confused with the pinkish-colored rose gold that has been so popular lately for jewelry and home décor; in fact, numerous prominent interior designers and media personalities have been declaring that rose gold is now outdated.

Truthfully, I disagree. Rose gold’s popularity may be starting to wane, particularly with the early adopters, but I think it will take awhile longer for the rose gold trend to truly die. There still seems to be quite a bit of consumer interest in it.

There’s at least one other dissenting voice who thinks rose gold isn’t dead yet; in a recent summary of the latest NKBA trend report, the NKBA’s resident designer, Elle H-Millard, mentioned rose gold and white pairings as being a popular choice in the kitchen. Because NKBA members are in the trenches doing the actual work of installing America’s high-end kitchens, I attach great significance to any trend observations made by experts from their organization. Presumably, Elle has based her statement on the work she and her organization’s members are actually doing — and I find it hard to argue with that methodology.

But having said that, unless you have a really strong preference for pinkish-hued gold over golden yellow gold, given a choice between the two, I think it is probably preferable to stick with the truer goldtone metal; by all appearances, it’s the fresher choice for 2018 and the future beyond.

51. Copper

Copper kitchen accessories have been making appearances in various forms at retail shops in every price point, from low-end bakeware and cooking pans at Walmart to high-end, luxury light fixtures in exclusive boutiques. Copper sinks, copper pots and copper Moscow mule mugs are a few of the available items we’ve frequently been seeing around.

Some of the early adopters of the copper trend are now bored with it and declaring it “over”; but I don’t think the demand for copper has actually run its course yet. Copper harmonizes well with the farmhouse style that has captured the top trendy kitchen style in 2018. It also complements the rustic decorating style that is so popular right now, not to mention a variety of other decorating styles. I think we’ll be seeing plenty more copper in 2018.

52. Brass: Satin Brass; Unlacquered Brass

Brass is a popular pick for kitchen hardware in 2018. It’s available in a range of finishes including satin brass and unlacquered brass. If you want warm colored accents in your kitchen, look for satin brass drawer pulls, knobs and doodads. If you want your brass to acquire a rich patina, unlacquered brass is the way to go; and if you want it to stay shiny and beautiful, opt for a finish like satin brass instead. A range of different brass hardware styles are on trend right now.

53. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is more of a classic than a trend, and of course it’s still relevant for 2018 kitchens.

54. Matte Black Kitchen Faucets

This on-trend kitchen features a quartz countertop, undermount sink and Moen's Sleek pulldown kitchen faucet in the modern matte black finish. Photo courtesy of
This on-trend kitchen features a quartz countertop, undermount sink and Moen’s Sleek pulldown kitchen faucet in the modern matte black finish. Photo courtesy of

Matte black was an emerging trend we reported seeing a lot of in 2017; and as of early 2018, manufacturers are still apparently investing heavily in adding new matte black styles to their kitchen and bath collections. Moen’s new Sleek matte black kitchen faucet is one example of a new style in this finish.

55. Oil-Rubbed Bronze

People keep trying to tell me that oil-rubbed bronze is now out of style. If that’s the case, why is bronze featured so prominently on so many best-seller lists? An example: This list of best-selling kitchen hardware gets updated hourly, so you never know what you’ll find on it — but every time I’ve checked it lately, oil-rubbed bronze knobs and doodads have been featured in multiple spots high on the list.

True, oil-rubbed bronze was ubiquitous during the now-outdated Tuscan trend. But, that isn’t the only look oil-rubbed bronze complements well. Bronze looks rich and lovely in farmhouse style kitchens, industrial style environments, rustic kitchens and bunches of other kitchen styles.

2018 Kitchen Appliance Trends

56. French Door Ovens

French door refrigerators have been an item on our previous trend reports, but a new one in 2018 is the French door oven. A top-rated example is the stainless steel GE Cafe 30″ Single French Door Electric wall oven pictured above.

57. Concealed Appliances

Appliance camouflage is one of the top trends for 2018. I don’t mean you’ll literally be seeing mossy oak spots on your neighbors’ refrigerators. What I’m trying to say is that when you walk into an unfamiliar kitchen, it isn’t totally obvious where the refrigerator is. Now you have to spend a few minutes contemplating which door it might be hiding behind.

This is even more true for small appliances. In times past, they’d clutter up a counter, and you couldn’t miss ’em. Not anymore.

58. Warming Drawer / Slow Cooker Combinations

2018 Kitchen Appliance Trends: Combination Warming Drawer and Slow Cooker by Viking
A Top 2018 Kitchen Appliance Trend: Combination Warming Drawer and Slow Cooker by Viking

Please pardon the dreadful pun, but I just have to say it: Warming drawers are hot right now. I’ve looked at bunches of them lately, and the ones I’m finding most interesting are the new slow cooker / warming drawer combos. KitchenAid has one, and Viking’s popular model is pictured above.

It would be an UNDERSTATEMENT to say that I want one of these. Want, want, want!

58. Black Appliances

White and basic stainless steel aren’t your only options for au courant kitchen appliances. We’re seeing bunches of interesting new options for black appliances around.

KitchenAid released a line of black stainless steel appliances in 2015 that they recently decided to expand. The product line now includes a wider variety of offerings including refrigerators, icemakers, dishwashers, wine cellars and beverage centers.

In January of 2017, GE announced a new Black Slate finish for some of their GE Café™ appliances including single and double wall ovens, hoods and dishwashers. They added Black Slate refrigerators to the product line in mid 2017.

Freestanding Professional Kitchen Ranges Are Hot Again

Just when you thought the hottest cooking appliance was a cooktop/wall oven combination, the tides are turning to once again favor the freestanding range. Wolf is one of the trendiest brands to look for right now.

59. Induction Cooktops

60. Convection Ovens

Wolf Gourmet makes a countertop convection oven that's ideal for use even in the smallest of kitchens. It's also a fantastic addition to spacious gourmet kitchens.
Wolf Gourmet makes a countertop convection oven that’s ideal for use even in the smallest of kitchens. It’s also a fantastic addition to spacious gourmet kitchens.

Many of the world’s fussiest chefs agree that convection ovens provide an exceptional cooking experience. Their advantages result from additional air circulation, which warms food quickly and evenly. Convection ovens are ideal for impatient cooks; according to Susie Middleton in Issue#38 of Fine Cooking Magazine, you can speed up cooking times by around 25 percent if you cook in a convection oven instead of a conventional oven.

61. Microwave Drawers

We already mentioned appliance camouflage as being a top trend right now, and the microwave drawer phenomenon fits well with this trend.

62. Getting Rid of Microwave Ovens

Some homeowners aren’t worried about hiding their microwave ovens, because they’ve totally removed them from the kitchen. There are several possible reasons for this:

  • They’re concerned that microwaving food is unhealthy. One set of concerns is that a microwave changes a food’s chemical makeup in ways that make the food toxic. Another concern is that microwaves may be contributing to the childhood asthma epidemic. People are also alarmed to learn that most so-called microwaveable containers aren’t safe due to the possibilities of chemicals leaching into the food and possible toxic vapor emissions. According to the Time website, science has shown that these are actually valid concerns. (See “That plastic container you microwave in could be super-toxic” and “Could microwaves be associated with children’s athsma?” for starters).
  • They simply don’t need a microwave oven and have decluttered it. Perhaps they’re raw foodists, they prefer to eat out, or they work at a restaurant that provides their meals.
  • They’re tiny home dwellers who prefer to use their limited kitchen space in other ways.

63. Steam Ovens

It isn’t unusual for food trends and kitchen trends to converge. The steam oven is a niche item that doesn’t command a majority market share, but the National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that steam oven installations are trending up.

This rise in popularity coincides with the recent trends for enjoying real food and consuming locally grown organic vegetables and produce.

Steam ovens are appealing to homeowners who frequently prepare rice, steamed vegetables, fish or other moist dishes. For most chefs, a steam oven isn’t an acceptable substitute for a conventional oven. It isn’t an option for dishes that need to be crispy or dry.

64. The Unexpected Breakup of Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are kissing each other goodbye and finding new bliss in separate quarters.

65. The Decline of the Side by Side Refrigerator-Freezer

While this is the most popular refrigerator / freezer configuration, it has been declining in market share in the recent past.

66. Freezer-on-Bottom Refrigerators

The new up-and-coming trend in refrigerators is the freezer-on-bottom configuration. While this configuration commands a minority of total sales, the sales volume is growing.

67. Counter-Depth Refrigerators

If you’re decorating the kitchen in a studio apartment or any small kitchen space, a counter-depth refrigerator is a real space-saver. A counter-depth fridge sits flush with adjacent countertops and kitchen cabinetry. This gives the entire configuration a streamlined look, plus it frees up surprising amounts of walkway space in the kitchen.

Some of the most popular current options are counter-depth refrigerators with French doors; counter-depth refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom; and side-by-side counter-depth refrigerators.

68. Wine Refrigerators and Dual-Controlled Wine Coolers

Wine is trendy right now, and wine refrigerators are a tangible reflection of this trend.

NewAir AWR-1160DB Premier Gold Series 116 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler
NewAir AWR-1160DB Premier Gold Series 116 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Wine cellars are currently popular with affluent homeowners who have sizeable wine collections, but an entire wine cellar isn’t necessary for the majority of homeowners. For homeowners who don’t hoard large quantities of wine, a wine refrigerator in the kitchen typically offers sufficient storage space. Most have sufficient capacity to store enough wine to satisfy casual drinkers who enjoy a bottle with dinner on occasion.

See Also: Wine storage

69. Miele Dishwashers

70. Wood Burning Ovens

71. Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are a thing both in the main kitchen and in the outdoor kitchen. There are models designed for your countertop and models designed for your gas grill.

72. Energy Star-Certified Appliances

Soaring energy costs are a significant motivator for new appliance purchases in 2018. Many homeowners realize their purchase of new, highly energy-efficient appliances will pay for itself in the long term.

Pantry and Kitchen Storage Trends

73. Pullouts and Rollouts

Pullouts and rollouts are making kitchen organization easier.

Kitchen Flooring Trends for 2018

74. Hardwood is the Trendiest Kitchen Flooring Material in 2018

Experts at Home Innovation report that hardwood flooring is the most popular flooring material new home builders are installing in today’s kitchens. As of October 2017, they were reporting that hardwood finish flooring accounted for about 45 percent of all flooring installed in the kitchens of newly-built, detached single-family homes.

This statistic represents a combined total of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Of the two types, solid hardwood is currently being installed more frequently in new home building projects.

Houzz’s findings in their 2018 US kitchen trends study corroborate these findings. 52 percent of the 1,700+ homeowners they polled were installing wood floors as part of their recent past, current or planned kitchen remodeling projects.

75. Huber Advantech® Subflooring

Home Innovation recently reported on the subflooring home builders have been using most often. According to their findings, Huber Advantech® is a premium subflooring that currently commands more than one-third share of the OSB subflooring market, at 34 percent. The second most popular subflooring is commodity at 28 percent. Weyerhaeuser’s premium EdgeGold brand of subflooring has about 18 percent of the total market share.

76. Parquet Flooring

Just when you thought parquet flooring was as out-of-date as an item could possibly be, it’s back in style again. It’s a little different this time around, with the hottest parquet flooring styles being chevrons, herringbones and zigzag designs constructed out of beautiful woods like walnut or maple.

Of course, parquet flooring commands a miniscule portion of the flooring market overall, but by all appearances this is a thing that’s at the beginning of its bell curve and trending up.

77. Black Finishes for Hardwood Flooring

Dark-colored hardwood flooring has been popular for quite some time now. Previously, espresso brown and ebony were a couple of the trendiest colors for dark colored flooring. On one hand, there are significant numbers of people who are still interested in these flooring colors. On the other hand, these dark browns harmonized well with the now-outdated Tuscan trend — so if you go for this look, you want to be really careful with how you implement it. You definitely don’t want a brand new floor that looks 10+ years old.

One possible idea is to go with a newer, darker, less brown finish. Enter DuraSeal’s Quick Coat in “True Black.”

I urge caution in adopting this trend for a couple of reasons. The first is that your flooring maintenance is going to be significant with any dark-colored floor. If sweeping the kitchen floor twice a day is your idea of fun, this might be exactly the right flooring for you. If not, please think carefully before staining your floor a dark color.

The second reason is that it’s easy to overdo black. You have to be deliberate about balancing it with light and bright colors to avoid having your kitchen look like a dungeon.

The Best Kitchen Sinks for 2018

78. Undermount Sinks

Elkay Crosstown Stainless Steel Undermount Sink. Staff at This Old House chose this sink as one of their top 100 kitchen products of 2018.
Elkay Crosstown Stainless Steel Undermount Sink. Staff at This Old House included this sink on their most recent list of top 100 kitchen products. o

According to the NKBA, undermount sinks are the #1 style for 2018. Undermount sinks work well with the natural stone kitchen countertops that have been popular lately. This type of sink offers you a sleek, seamless look that’s an ideal complement for modern and contemporary kitchens. Undermount sinks also offer a cleaner hygienic experience than their drop-in counterparts do, thanks to the absence of a seam around the edge that can collect crumbs, goo and dirt.

79. Single Basin Sinks Are Trending Up

The NKBA reports the single bowl sink as the second most important sink style in 2018.

Data from Home Innovation corroborates the rising demand for single basin sinks. In 2016, we began witnessing a comeback in demand for this sink style. Home Innovation reported that installations in newly built, single-family detached homes have been steadily increasing over the past decade, having climbed to 20% up from 5% by mid 2015. I’ll have to check and see if more updated statistics are available for 2017 – 2018. However, there’s no question in my mind that the single basin sink is trending up. That’s because the majority (although not all) of the top selling apron-front and farmhouse sinks (we’ll get to those next) are single-basin styles.

80. Apron Front Sinks and Farmhouse Sinks

There are two main characteristics of a farmhouse, or apron front sink. The first is its large size. This makes it much easier to wash gigantic pots, pans or your German shepherd.

The second is its unique style of mounting. The front of the sink is visible with an apron front sink; in contrast, other types of sinks are mounted with the kitchen cabinetry in front. One result of this difference: Instead of having to lean slightly over the counter to wash something in the sink, you’re right there. Many farmhouse sink enthusiasts mention this ergonomic aspect of the design as being the one they appreciate most; for short people, people with back injuries or people who hand wash bunches of large dishes, the apron front sink can be a more comfortable experience than an ordinary sink. It’s also a fantastic choice for gardening and home canning enthusiasts; there’s lots of space in the sink to water seedlings, wash your veggies, soak canning jars or perform any of the other zillions of tasks required for growing and preserving your own food.

According to the NKBA, the “farmhouse sink” is tied with the single bowl sink for the second most important sink style in 2018. For those of you who are embracing the farmhouse kitchen trend, an apron front sink is one of the top sink styles to consider. This style of sink is available in a variety of fabrications including fireclay, porcelain, stainless steel and copper.

Elkay's Quartz Luxe sink, pictured here, might just take the cake for trendy sinks in 2018. It combines 4 of the top kitchen trends into one single design element: It's a single basin design; it's a farmhouse sink; it's an undermount sink and it's made of a blended quartz material. Photo Courtesy of
Elkay’s Quartz Luxe sink, pictured here, might just take the cake for trendy sinks in 2018. It combines 4 of the top kitchen trends into one single design element: It’s a single basin design; it’s a farmhouse sink; it’s an undermount sink and it’s made of a blended quartz material. Photo Courtesy of

There are also some interesting hybrid sink styles that are cropping up. For example, Elkay is now making a large, single-bowl undermount sink that closely resembles an apron front sink. I admired the clever design of this sink, which combines the clean, hygienic advantages of the undermount sink with the attractive look of an apron-front sink.

According to Elkay’s PR department, these sinks don’t require custom cabinetry — although looking at the photos, I had a hard time wrapping my head around how that could be possible. I freely admit that I am not a plumbing expert. Anyway, such a hybrid is another option for trend-conscious people who want to enjoy the benefits of multiple trendy sink styles.

81. Copper Sinks

Copper makes a strong, eye-catching statement in the kitchen. A sink made of copper can accentuate other copper kitchen design elements, tying the look together and making it more cohesive.

Copper sinks can complement virtually every kitchen style imaginable. Right now we’re seeing them appearing most often in farmhouse kitchens, rustic kitchens, transitional kitchens, traditional kitchens and French country kitchens. They complement a variety of countertops beautifully and can coordinate well with dark, rich-looking design elements such as walnut wood counters or flooring.

One best-selling sink in 2017 was a traditionally styled copper apron-front sink by Sinkology. Sales of this sink remain brisk in 2018, as evidenced by its sales rank on Amazon so far this year.

82. Trough Sinks

A long trough style sink could be just the right look for those whose kitchens incorporate an industrial aesthetic. For those who don’t want an apron front sink, a trough sink can also complement a farmhouse kitchen beautifully.

83. Demand for Granite Kitchen Sinks Is Now in Decline

Home Innovations is now reporting that granite sink installations are in decline in newly built, single-family detached homes. This is big news, considering that, as of 2015, only a few short years ago, sales of granite and stone kitchen sinks were increasing at a more rapid rate than sales of any other type of sink material.

Kitchen Lighting Trends for 2018

84. LED Lighting

LED Lighting is illuminating every crevice and surface you could imagine in the kitchen. It’s being installed in the pantry, inside drawers and cabinets, underneath cabinets, at the base of the floor, above the trim, and as a means to accentuate artwork.

85. Lutron Lighting Systems

Lutron is one of the hottest name brands to look for right now if you decide to go high-tech when you upgrade your lighting. They offer smart lighting solutions that you can use with bunches of different smart devices and smart systems — or not. They also work without having a whole home automation system in place.

86. Dramatic Kitchen Lighting

Eye-catching chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms any more. Whether you choose a chandelier or a sleeker light fixture, it’s OK to put your most attractive showpiece lighting in the kitchen this year.

See Also: 16 Major Lighting Trends for 2018

Kitchen Walls

Backsplashes and painted kitchen walls are still the top treatments homeowners prefer. However, a couple of emerging trends are worth noting:

87. Barn Wood or Shiplap Walls in the Kitchen

Homeowners are now interested in using various types of wooden planks as kitchen wall treatments. Celebrity designers Chip and Joanna Gaines deserve a large part of the credit for influencing this trend, since wooden planks are one of Joanna’s hallmark interior design features.

88. Wallpapered Kitchen Walls

Some daring and adventurous homeowners are wallpapering their kitchen walls with interesting patterns. Top picks for wallpaper patterns include geometrics, chevrons, herringbone patterns, agate patterns, marble patterns, and subtle textured patterns. Interestingly, there are many wallpapers becoming available that resemble wooden planks, barn wood and shiplap; so if you like that look but aren’t up for the task of installing planks across your entire kitchen, that’s an alternative you could consider.

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Kitchen Plumbing

89. PEX Water Piping

The experts at Home Renovation reported that as of May 2016, PEX water piping had been installed in 63% of all newly built homes. They also pointed out that this statistic marks a new high for the category. We don’t have any updated statistics to report, but we think it is unlikely that this trend will reverse itself in 2018. We’ll update if we find any newer statistics as 2018 unfolds.

2018 Technology Trends in the Kitchen

90. Docking Stations and Work Stations in the Kitchen

When homeowners remodel their kitchens, they’re likely to add a docking station for recharging mobile devices.

It’s also convenient to create a space on the kitchen counter or island to place a tablet for looking up recipes at your favorite food blogs.

91. Most Consumers Are Ignoring the Proliferation of Smart Home Appliances

More smart technology is becoming available with each passing year. However, many of our sources report that consumers generally are not buying it for their homes. Here’s a quote from Bill Darcy, CEO of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) in a recent interview with Architectural Digest dated February 13, 2018:

“The smart home technology era has begun and continues, but what interested me is that as fast as it’s entering the marketplace, consumers haven’t totally yet embraced it.”

In a Business Insider article dated November 15, 2017, Caroline Cakebread writes,

“Consumers are uneasy about being watched, listened to, or tracked by devices they place in their homes, consulting firm Deloitte found in a new survey it released Wednesday.”

While Mr. Darcy expressed surprise about this situation, the lack of enthusiasm over smart gadgets doesn’t actually come as a surprise to me. I’m one of the consumers who is resistant to adopting smart technology. In my opinion, the risks inherent in the technology are not yet sufficiently outweighed by the negligible benefits it offers. I agree with Dr. Maarten Hajer, who is an expert in the multiple related disciplines of urban planning, sustainability and public policy. He’s Director of the Urban Futures Studio and a professor of Urban Futures at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The following quote from a interview with Dr. Hajer sums up my opinion on the current status of smart technology:

“If smart technology is the solution, then what was the problem again?” It’s almost like a solution looking for a problem.”

In other words, smart technology doesn’t do enough to solve my everyday problems to make it worth the extremely substantial risks — not to mention the high costs, although it is true that the costs are shrinking as compared against the early years of the technology’s availability.

Smart homes, in general, are predicted to gain traction in 2018 — but pundits have been making such predictions in vain for at least a decade now. So far, according to the industry sources I rely on for information, widespread consumer adoption of this has not happened. I predict that mainstream adoption will also not happen in 2018.

If you’re considering implementing smart technology in your home, I advise educating yourself about the possible downsides first:

After studying thousands of different resources including web pages, blog posts, articles, press releases, bestseller lists, store displays, catalogs, magazines and emails, these are what we’ve determined are the most important kitchen trends for 2018. We hope you found these insights interesting, helpful and comprehensive. If you’re in need of more in-depth information, the references linked below are the ones we found to be most authoritative and useful out of all the pages we looked at when compiling this trend report. You’ll find much more interesting reading material on the topic of 2018 kitchen trends if you visit these pages.

References and Additional Articles on the Topic of Kitchen Trends for 2018

More 2018 Interior Design Trends

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