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Whether you’re moving to a new place, redecorating, remodeling, or simply freshening a few things up at home, our website can help you find the information you need. We offer free tutorials, ideas, instructions, pictures, inspiration, trend reports, and free patterns with a focus on DIY home decor.

Kitchen Decor

Take your kitchen from dreary to dramatic with these fresh ideas for kitchen decor.

Current and Upcoming Home Decorating Trends

Whether you’re remodeling or just freshening up, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could see into the future? It would be lovely if you could predict — and avoid buying — anything that will be outdated in the next few years.

While no one can foretell the future with total accuracy, our trend forecasters are pretty smart about getting the scoop on upcoming trends.

How is that possible, you might wonder? Well, with research and the right industry connections, it isn’t too difficult to keep on top of these things.

It can take anywhere from 6 months to several years to develop new products, and we often find out about upcoming product lines before they’re actually available in the marketplace. So, we’re able to get a sense of what people will be buying in the years ahead — and we’re not shy about passing on what we know.