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Window Treatments

Window treatments help to control the amount of natural light that enters a room.  Photo by Matthew Hamilton at Unsplash.com.
Window treatments help to control the amount of natural light that enters a room. Photo by Matthew Hamilton at Unsplash.com.

There’s a direct correlation between your window treatments and the amount of natural light that enters your home. For that reason and others, your choice of window treatments can dramatically affect the overall mood, style, comfort level and feeling of each room.

You want to choose versatile window treatments that allow for comfortable regulation of light into each room. Ideally, you want to have options for letting in both maximum and minimum amounts of light.

For example, in bedrooms facing directly east, you may wish to block part or all of the direct sunlight in the early morning hours, since the sun beats into your windows as it makes its daily ascent. Later in the day, you may wish to let in as much light as possible, particularly in the late afternoon hours as the sun moves to the other side of the horizon.

Your window coverings can also significantly affect how much privacy you and your family enjoy, making this choice an especially critical one for city dwellers.

Let’s explore several different types of window treatments you could utilize in your home, always keeping in mind that you can combine multiple window treatments if necessary to get the look and functionality you want.

Window Shades

Window shades are effective for regulating the amount of light that enters a room.

In situations where you don’t want natural light to be totally blocked, choose a translucent window shade; the translucent shade allows some light to filter through.

In situations where you’ll need to totally block the light, choose a “blackout” shade that doesn’t let any light through. Blackout shades are ideal for late-sleepers with east-facing bedroom windows. They are also great for privacy-conscious people who do not want nosy neighbors to be able to see what’s going on.

Roman shades can add personality and visual interest to any room.

Shade fabrications can be either natural or synthetic. Look for bamboo shades, banana leaf shades, jute shades, and hemp shades; for Roman blinds, you’ll find a wide variety of different fabrics, colors and patterns.


Blinds are also effective solutions for both privacy and regulating the flow of light into a room. You can close them completely to block most of the light from entering, or partially to let some light in.

Blinds come in a variety of different styles, materials and configurations. Popular fabrications are wood and aluminum, among others.

Vertical blinds and horizontal blinds are both widely used. You can also buy honeycomb blinds, cellular blinds, and mini blinds.

Curtains, Draperies and Valances:

Curtains are simple but effective window treatments. Photo by Christopher Martyn on Unsplash.com
Curtains are simple but effective window treatments — Photo by Christopher Martyn on Unsplash.com

Curtains, draperies and valances influence a room by adding color, pattern, texture and softness to the décor. Each curtain has its own distinct personality: some are chic and minimalist; some are heavy and luxurious; some are flamboyant and colorful.

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If you choose to invest in shutters for your windows, they can add significant value to your home. You can have them installed on either the exterior or the interior.

On the exterior, shutters dramatically affect the look of your home, giving it personality and distinction. However, you do need to be sure of selecting shutters that coordinate well with your home’s architectural style.

Temporary storm shutters can add significant protection from the elements. For hurricane and storm-prone areas, using these shutters is an easy way to avoid window breakage or damage.

On the interior, shutters can add charm, interest and functionality to your home décor.

Shutters are available in a variety of different styles and fabrications, making it possible to find shutters that will integrate well into just about any structure. Wood shutters, composite shutters and vinyl shutters are all popular choices.

So now you’re up-to-date on several major types of window treatments that are currently popular for residential buildings. There’s much more to learn about window treatments, so we invite you to find additional information by checking out our other in-depth articles on the topic of window coverings.

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Window Treatments
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