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Southwestern Style

Looking for examples of southwestern style, or ideas for how to decorate a southwestern home? Or perhaps you just want to understand what characterizes southwestern style. Whether you want to educate yourself or actually get busy decorating, this page will give you some ideas to explore.

Southwestern Style Homes

Over the years, the Southwestern states have succumbed to a variety of different design influences, which makes for an interesting sort of style melting pot. Southwesterners build homes in a variety of different styles, many of which are influenced by the region’s history. There are adobe homes with Native American influences, stucco homes, Spanish style homes, Mediterranean style homes, craftsman homes, mission style homes, and others.

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Southwestern Style Furniture

Southwestern style furniture is sometimes characterized by a rugged, rustic look and feel. Southwestern furniture often incorporates materials such as wood, leather, and sheepskin. Popular pattern designs include kilims, symmetrical crosses, stripes and Native American motifs. Interiors often include potted plants such as cacti or aloe vera.

Mission style furniture is popular in the southwest; this style of furniture is often constructed using white oak wood, leather upholstery and clean, simple lines.

Southwestern Style Rugs

Many Southwestern style rugs are influenced by historical Native American designs, particularly Navajo rugs. Kilim and cross patterns are particularly popular, and design elements often include prominent diagonal, horizontal and / or vertical lines. Rich colors including reds, burnt oranges and golds are popular, but many other colors are incorporated into Southwestern style rugs as well.

Native American Decor

Native American rugs are not the only popular pieces of Native American decor. Native American pottery, basketry, blankets and beadwork are also in high demand.

Native American Basketry. These Baskets Were Created by the Shoshonean Indians in California Missions, Circa 1920-1930.
Native American Basketry. These Baskets Were Created by the Shoshonean Indians in California Missions, Circa 1920-1930.

Native American basketry is particularly beautiful, and prized by collectors.

So now that you know a bit more about southwestern style, you’re better equipped for either researching further, or incorporating this style into your own home decor. If you’d like to learn more, you’re invited to visit the following pages on our website:

Southwestern Style
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