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Crown Molding

Crown molding is a type of trim currently used in home and commercial interiors to hide the connection between the space’s ceiling and walls. The term “crown molding” can also be used to describe trim, accents or architectural detailing placed above or on kitchen cabinetry.

Interior decorators typically use crown molding along with other trim or paneling. In many rooms, you’ll find crown molding paired with corner blocks, chair rails, wainscoting and / or beadboard. In the kitchen, you might find crown molding topping the kitchen cabinetry. It’s often combined with stacked molding, decorative inserts and / or baseboard molding.

Crown Molding DIY Projects

Free Instructions for How to Restore Crown Molding and Other Trim in Historic Homes and Old Houses

How to Repair Plaster Moldings — If you’re tasked with making repairs to the plaster moldings in an older home, this “Home Clinic” column at the New York Times website will get you started with instructions, tips and advice.

DIY Crown Molding and Tin Ceiling Tiles — The author of this article gave up on the tin ceiling tiles, but his account of how to install crown molding is a good read if you’re thinking of trying this as a DIY project.

DIY Crown Molding in the Kitchen

How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding — Do you have an obnoxious gap between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling in your kitchen? Perhaps the space isn’t quite the right size for placing pretty baskets or interesting vignettes. In that case, you might want to try installing crown molding to fill the space and make the kitchen appear more cohesive. Abby and Donnie at the “Just a Girl and Her Blog” website show you how they installed their crown molding to solve this exact problem in their kitchen.

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Crown Molding
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