May 23, 2024
Luxury Bathroom With Stone Tile and Wood -- Photo Courtesy of Sidekix Media

2024 Bathroom Trends: 53 On-Trend Ideas for Faucets, Sinks, Vanities and More

Are you wondering about the hot bathroom trends for 2024? My goal is to give you the internet’s most up-to-date, comprehensive, FREE trend forecast on the topic of 2024 bathroom trends, using insights compiled and collated from a variety of reliable sources: trade associations, market researchers, residential architects, remodeling companies, contractors, interior designers, real estate agents, real estate stagers, retailers and their bestseller lists, Internet search query trend data and homeowners who are remodeling. I’ve talked to people, read zillions of design blogs, scrutinized dozens of press releases, shopped for the most innovative new bath accessories in the marketplace, and analyzed the demand or lack thereof for bunches of Internet search queries relating to bathroom design, bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories.

Minimalist Bathroom -- Photo Courtesy of Sidekix Media
Minimalist Bathroom — Photo Courtesy of Sidekix Media

Before I continue, I’ll briefly introduce myself. I’m Amy Solovay, freelance writer and former trend forecasting course instructor at California Design College. My background isn’t in bathroom remodeling or residential architecture; I hold a degree in textile design and have a background in textile product development. Textile designers have to be able to reliably forecast trends about two years in advance, so I’m pretty adept at looking ahead to predict what people will want to buy a year or two into the future.

So the following is my list of predictions on what are likely to be the most important and best bathroom trends for 2024. I’m not doing anything you couldn’t be doing for yourself, but the truth is, I think this bathroom trend report will save you many hours of trend research. I put a few weeks’ worth of time into compiling it, and I keep it updated as I make new discoveries.

I hope you’ll find this list helpful if you are decorating a bathroom in a new residence, or interested in undertaking a bathroom remodel, or if you are a professional or student who is looking to stay current on the trends in any of the industries mentioned above.

If you have an ongoing need for bathroom trend reports or other trend reports, I invite you to sign up for this website’s newsletter; we’ll keep you updated on the trends we learn about for as long as you choose to stay subscribed. Thanks for your interest! So without further delay, here are the most important discoveries relating to 2024’s top bathroom trends:

1. Aging-In-Place Renovations Are a Top Driver of Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2024

Statista reports that Baby Boomers were the most prevalent consumers of bathroom remodeling services in 2022, accounting for 59% of total market share for these services in 2022. Data from the National Association of Home Builders corroborates these findings; NAHB experts have reported that their members have been busy in the recent past completing sizable numbers of home renovation projects that make it easier for people to continue living in their homes comfortably as they age.

“As the average age of home owners rises, we are seeing that more and more people are understanding the benefits of remodeling to handle the needs of aging in place,” Alan Archuleta, NAHB Remodelers Council Chair said in a recent statement. “This awareness is driven by technology, the cost of elder care and the idea of staying in the homes they love!”

2. Biophilic Design: The Desire to Be Close to Nature and to Achieve Mental and Physical Wellbeing Are Driving This Trend Towards Natural Materials in the Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom Design With Natural Stone Tile -- Photo Courtesy of Bill Wilson, OKCHomeseller on Flickr
Contemporary Bathroom Design With Natural Stone Tile — Photo Courtesy of Bill Wilson, OKCHomeseller on Flickr

Some of the bathroom features that have become popular as a result of the biophilic design trend include large soaking tubs, stone tiles, and houseplants in the bathroom.

3. Big Bathrooms Are On-Trend: Bathroom Sizes Are Holding Steady or Increasing

The folks over at the Kitchen & Bath Design News Website surveyed a sizable group of kitchen and bath design professionals in an attempt to understand how life has changed at home for consumers in the aftermath of the COVID healthcare crisis. One of the main takeaways from their research is that bathroom sizes now being designed and constructed have increased for 42% of their survey respondents and remained about the same for 56%.

2024’s Trendiest Bathroom Styles:

4. Transitional Style Bathrooms

Transitional Style Powder Room With Round Mirror, Contemporary Art, Traditional Faucets and Traditional Vanity -- Photo Courtesy of Bill Wilson, OKCHomeseller on Flickr
Transitional Style Powder Room With Round Mirror, Contemporary Art, Traditional Faucets and Traditional Vanity — If you’re old enough to remember the 1990s, you probably remember seeing vanities similar to this one because they were part of the ultra-popular Tuscan trend. Fancy millwork like this is once again on-trend in kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s still at the beginning of its bell curve and probably won’t see widespread mainstream adoption in 2024. It’s mainly a niche item happening at the high end of the market. Photo Courtesy of Bill Wilson, OKCHomeseller on Flickr

Transitional has been the most popular bathroom style in the United States since 2017, when it overtook traditional style. In 2022, researchers at Statista found that 25% of homeowners who renovated their master bathrooms in the United States chose a transitional style for their new bathroom designs. I don’t yet have reliable statistics to report on for 2023, but I’d be surprised if this trend reversed in 2023. I would also be surprised to see a major shift in 2024, so I’m going on the record to predict that transitional style bathrooms will remain the reigning favorite in 2024.

5. Contemporary Style Bathrooms

Contemporary style had about 16% market share for bathroom remodels in the United States in 2022, according to Statista.

6. Modern Style Bathrooms

Mid-century modern style has been popular since the middle of last century, and there’s been at least some demand for mid-century modern style bathrooms ever since. Modern style bathrooms were just as popular as contemporary style bathrooms in 2022, with about 16% market share for bathroom remodels in the United States. I can’t imagine that changing much in 2024.

7. Traditional Style Bathrooms Still Relevant in 2024

In years past, reports on the death of traditional style were premature and greatly exaggerated. Traditional bathrooms still have their fair share of interest, and enjoyed about 11% market share of bathroom remodels in the United States in 2022, according to Statista.

8. Farmhouse Style Bathrooms

Farmhouse style has been this decade’s take on country style. It incorporates elements of traditional, contemporary and country styles. Just to put this in perspective for you, in 2022, about 5% of bathroom remodels in the United States resulted in this style being adopted. This might seem surprising, considering that farmhouse style has been all over HGTV and decorating websites; it is definitely a strong niche market, but not the most popular look in the United States by any means.

The “modern farmhouse style” was popularized by HGTV’s former show, “Fixer Upper,” and its stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines. These two are still some of the most influential trendsetters in the home decorating space, but the “modern farmhouse” craze they popularized is now trending down. So if you’re a homesteader, or you have a farmhouse to decorate, instead of decorating in that style, it would be prudent to skip the “modern farmhouse” style, and instead return to the vintage roots of the original farmhouse style.

9. Art Deco Style Bathrooms

Art deco style was a top design trend in the 1920s and 1930s. Art deco briefly cycled into popularity again in the 1970s. While it has never totally disappeared since its original introduction, it also hasn’t been seen as the most significant design influence in bathrooms. Still, you should be aware that some top trendsetters have been reviving the art deco style in their homes, and the bathroom is one area where this is happening.

This is a small market niche and NOT a mainstream trend. I think it’s unlikely to gain major mainstream traction in 2024, but it’s a totally relevant style to consider incorporating into your home if you’re renovating a older building from the original art deco heyday — or even possibly a building from the 1970s era of art deco revival.

2024 Bathroom Faucet and Hardware Trends

10. Water-Efficient Bathroom Faucets and Showerheads

Rising water bills and increasing water supply concerns are unwelcome trends in many American neighborhoods. In some areas, past and present drought conditions have brought about alarming decreases in the available fresh water supply.

Taken together, these broader trends help to explain the current necessity for solutions such as water saving bathroom faucets and showerheads.

Best Finishes for Bathroom Faucets and Hardware in 2024:

11. Brushed Gold and Brushed Brass Bathroom Faucets

The Kohler Finish Program Gives You the Option to Have Exactly Matching Finishes for Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Lighting Fixtures, Should You Decide You Want Continuity Across Your Entire Home. Photo Courtesy of
The Kohler Finish Program Gives You the Option to Have Exactly Matching Finishes for Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Lighting Fixtures, Should You Decide You Want Continuity Across Your Entire Home. Photo Courtesy of

In the last few years, manufacturers like Moen, Delta and Kohler have been making big investments to make brass, brushed gold, and warm-colored metal faucets, bathroom accessories, bathroom hardware, and (in the case of Kohler), even some coordinating light fixtures available. This appears to be the big up-and-coming trend for 2024 and the years beyond.

Historically, people have tended to view gold fixtures as being most appropriately used in traditional settings. This is changing. The broad variety of available styles and finishes make the latest iteration of this trend appropriate for contemporary and modern applications in addition to traditional and transitional ones.

12. Two-Tone Faucets and Fixtures

Two-Toned Metal Bathroom Faucet by Kohler -- Photo Courtesy of
Two-Toned Metal Bathroom Faucet From the Occasion Collection by Kohler — Photo Courtesy of

13. Nickel

14. Matte Black

2024’s Trendiest Bathroom Vanities and Counters:

15. Quartz Countertops and Vanity Tops

Quartz is one of the trendiest countertop materials in 2024.

Trendy Bathroom Sinks in 2024:

16. Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks were far and away the most popular style that homeowners chose in 2022 when they remodeled their bathrooms, according to Statista. Their data suggests that this style of sink accounted for 70% of market share in the USA.

It’s a reasonably safe bet that undermount sinks will remain popular in 2024. Undermount sinks offer you a clean, seamless look that provides outstanding hygiene in the bathroom. The missing seam around the sink means there’s one less spot that will collect grime and need scrubbing.

17. Drop-In Sinks

Statista’s data suggests that drop-in sinks commanded 14% market share amongst homeowners who remodeled their bathrooms in 2022. This puts drop-in sinks in a far-distant second place position behind undermount sinks.

18. Vessel Sinks

Contemporary Glass Lavatory Vessel Sink by Kohler -- Photo Courtesy of
Contemporary Glass Lavatory Vessel Sink by Kohler: This photo gives you a look at two developing bathroom trends for 2024. One is vessel sinks; the other is interesting fluted, reeded, and textured glass surfaces. Photo Courtesy of

Vessel sinks are a niche item right now, but manufacturers like Kohler have recently made sizable investments in developing new styles and making them available. Pictured above is a sink from one of two contemporary glass lavatory collections, Salute and Yepsen, that Kohler released in 2023. In 2022, vessel sinks commanded about 7% of the US bathroom remodeling market share. I’d expect to see vessel sinks remain a niche item of interest in high-end luxury bathrooms in 2024.

19. More Storage in the Bathroom: A Backlash Against Wall-Mounted Sinks, Pedestal Sinks, and Lack of Cabinet Space in the Bathroom

In 2022, Statista reported that the second most common reason homeowners decided to remodel their bathroom was “insufficient storage.” This is not shocking news to me. Wall-mounted sinks and pedestal sinks have been trendy in past years. They are beautiful to look at and easy to clean up around, which made them quite appealing to people who were obsessively concerned with keeping their homes clean, sanitary, and virus-free during the global health crisis.

However, they have a major downside: There is nowhere to store anything underneath of them. So it isn’t a huge shock to me to think that people who are buying existing homes with these features want to get rid of them and replace them with styles that offer more storage space.

You are going to need a place to store your bathroom towels, your toilet paper stash, your bathroom cleaning products, and all your household’s toiletries and cosmetics. Where is that magic storage place going to be if you do not have a vanity with drawers and shelf space conveniently located underneath your bathroom sink(s)?

Some people have installed shelving over the toilet, and this is a possibility for conveniently storing some items, like extra toilet paper, within easy reach. Unless your family habitually practices extreme restraint when it comes to buying toiletries and cleaning supplies, this amount of shelf space, alone, is unlikely to be sufficient.

If you have a sizable bathroom, you could include a piece of furniture that has drawers or shelves for storage. This is a popular and viable solution. If you have a small bathroom, this might not be an option.

And if you live in a small home that lacks closet space, it is especially essential to take this into consideration when you choose a sink style. But even if you do have a generously-sized linen closet in a hallway near your bathroom, think about whether you will want to go out of your way to access it every time you need to get out a bath towel or a new roll of toilet paper. Where would be the most convenient place in your bathroom to store these items?

These are important considerations to ponder if you are planning a 2024 bathroom remodel.

Statista reported that pedestal sinks commanded only a 2% market share for USA-based bathroom remodeling projects in 2022 and that wall-mounted sinks commanded only a 1% market share.

2024 Bathroom Tile Trends:

Installations of tile flooring are most frequently taking place in bathrooms and kitchens. You now have overwhelming numbers of choices for tile fabrications, shapes, sizes and colors. Ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, clay and glass are some of the possibilities available. You generally can’t go wrong right now by simply choosing a tile that fits your budget, tastes and current decorating style. If you’re having a hard time choosing a tile, consider some of the following types that are currently on-trend for 2024:

20. Large-Format Tiles

Large format tiles require you to use less grout when installing them than smaller tiles do. This results in a clean, hygienic experience in the bathroom that requires less scrubbing and less maintenance in re-grouting.

However, large format tiles are not appropriate for every bathroom. They’re not workable for small bathrooms. Installation of large format bathroom tile requires special expertise, and there are specific requirements for the substrates you can install them on.

21. Marble Tile

22. Granite Tile

23. Terrazzo Tile

24. Subway Tile

25. Terra Cotta Tile

Terra cotta harmonizes beautifully with the warm metals such as brushed gold, brass and copper that are trendy in the bathroom right now. It also works really well with some of the most popular residential interior colors right now including apricot, salmon, and warm wood tones.

Bathtub and Shower Trends in 2024:

26. Space-Saving Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

We’re seeing two diverging trends in home sizes: At the upper end of the market, homes are getting bigger. At the lower end of the market, homes are getting smaller — in some cases, much much smaller. Then there’s the tiny home trend — which fits right in with many peoples’ current desires to declutter, simplify their lives and get back to basics.

For those who are embracing smaller living spaces in 2024, small bathrooms necessitate either tiny bathtubs or no bathtubs at all (another trend we’ll cover momentarily). Small bathtubs are an attractive option for those who do not have much bathroom real estate to work with, yet do not wish to give up the experience of relaxing in the tub.

27. Spacious Walk-In Showers

28. Accessible Showers Offering Universal Design Features

For several reasons, universal design features are one of the most important home design trends this year. One of the main motivators for this trend is the aging population. Analysts at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University anticipate that 17.1 million households will include senior residents with ambulatory disabilities by the year 2035. As seniors prepare for their future, many of them are making the decision to remodel their homes with features that will allow them to remain where they are rather than moving to assisted living facilities.

With the tight housing supply in many areas of the country, baby boomers aren’t the only ones who are realizing the advantages of universal design features. Many younger homeowners are incorporating ergonomic and universal design principles into their home remodeling projects not only out of concern for the future, but also because it makes sense to do so in the present.

There are many manifestations of this trend throughout the home and in the bathroom; but one of the most prominent and frequently incorporated major universal design elements is the curbless shower.

Nobody wants to trip over something on their way into the shower. Some of the latest shower designs eliminate built-in tripping hazards for a safer shower experience.

In decades past, it was typical to have your showerhead installed right over the bathtub, and you had to step over the side of the bathtub to enter the shower. While there’s still plenty of interest in this configuration, there are many homeowners who have abandoned this type of design in favor of curbless showers.

29. Rainfall Showerheads

Biophilic design principles and “back-to-nature” aesthetics are catching on in many areas of the country. Along with this trend, we’re often seeing a blurring of lines between indoors and outdoors. There are significant numbers of people who are trying to make their homes more natural, and to bring elements from nature indoors. Then there are people who are actually building their bathtubs and showers outside so they can have the experience of relaxing in nature while they soak in the tub.

For those who don’t want to take things quite that far, there are rainfall showerheads. These showerheads tend to be large, and they can be installed overhead over the shower or tub to mimic the experience of standing in the rain while you bathe.

30. Square Shaped Fixtures and Showerheads

Squares, almost-squares, angular shaped designs and geometric designs are hot these days. We’re seeing blocky looks and square shapes popping up everywhere, from web pages to cosmetics palettes to automobile designs. Crafters are enjoying a resurgence of interest in granny squares. Squares are a hot commodity in home décor as well, and they’re particularly well-suited for use in bathroom décor; they are versatile shapes that work well in modern, contemporary and transitional bathrooms.

Geometric inspired square faucets and fixtures are finding their way into master baths and powder rooms across America. Angular designs are making appearances in a variety of bath elements, including bathtubs, showerheads and soap dishes.

31. Shower Seats

In the past, showers were designed for use by people in the upright standing position. Lately we’ve seen an innovative and sensible trend: the shower seat.

We’re convinced that whoever thought of this idea is a genius. Perhaps you’ll agree if you’re one of those people who ever has to shower when half asleep. Maybe you wake up early to work out in the morning, or maybe you come home falling-asleep-tired after doing a job that demands a follow-up shower. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a seat handy to rest in while you suds up and shampoo?

This is also a nice item to have if you have seniors in your household — along with…

32. Grab Bars for the Shower and / or Bath

Grab bars are another great option for seniors, and they are also trendy at the moment.

Grab bars aren’t just being used in the shower; we have a friend in his golden years who installed a grab bar in the space above his berth in his luxury yacht. You can put grab bars just about anywhere you might need them, but in our experience, the shower is definitely one of the most popular places to install them these days.

Grab bar installations were the most common aging-in-place project in 2023, with 93% of remodelers at the National Association of Home Builders reporting that they had worked on installing these for homeowners in the last year.

33. Free-Standing Bathtubs

Built-in bathtubs with wall surrounds dominated the marketplace for as long as I can remember, right up until a few years ago. However, there’s now significant interest in freestanding bathtubs, with interest in them having increased significantly in the last few years. It appears likely that freestanding bathtubs will continue their upward trajectory in 2024.

Then there’s another contradictory trend that’s simultaneously happening:

34. Many Homeowners Are Removing Bathtubs All Together

A number of sources, including home remodelers and residential architects, have been reporting that they’ve been helping homeowners to remove bathtubs from their homes. We first noted this trend on our 2016 bathroom trend report after experts at the National Kitchen and Bath Association brought it to our attention in a press release. By all appearances, the bathtub removal trend is still going strong in 2024.

In some cases, homeowners are removing bathtubs to make space for bigger showers or create a more spacious feeling in the bathroom.

In other cases, they’re removing bathtubs because they already have another bathroom that includes a tub, and the one they’re removing is currently not being used.

In other cases, they’re remodeling to create a more accessible space for a senior family member; bathtub walls can create tripping hazards for seniors with limited mobility, so there are homeowners who are removing their bathtubs and replacing them with curbless showers to avoid this problem.

Other motivators are rising inflation and the growing “green” trend. Baths tend to use more water than showers do. In some water-strapped US states (I’m looking at you, California), you’d almost have to be a billionaire to afford the DWP bills that result if everyone in your household frequently takes baths instead of showers.

35. Steam Showers

Steam showers are of current interest for installation in 2024 bathrooms. This isn’t a new trend; it has been an item on these bathroom trend reports since 2018 — but should I even go there and say that this one is picking up steam? heh. Brizo and Delta Faucet both introduced new steam showers in 2023.

36. Lights in the Shower

It’s trendy to put lights in the shower instead of just relying on the bathroom’s main light to illuminate the shower area.

37. Hand Showers

It’s nice to be able to direct the flow of water right where you want it, and hand showers help to enable that. This is a longstanding carryover trend that is still relevant for 2024.

38. Water Efficient Showerheads

Nobody wants to waste water or overpay for mundane things like water bills — and you probably are overpaying if you’re using an outdated showerhead. The latest water-efficient showerheads deliver an outstanding shower experience, while still using water efficiently enough to offer you a cost savings over the older, less efficient models. If you’re remodeling an older bathroom, it is well worth investing in a new, water-efficient showerhead. In the long term, that particular upgrade is likely to pay for itself.

39. Healthy Organic Bathroom Elements

The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks
The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks

Earth-conscious and health-conscious consumers are realizing that eating organic is not enough; it’s also essential to prioritize organic living in the entire house. Since the bathroom is one of the most frequently used and frequently cleaned rooms in the home, it is an especially important space to incorporate natural, non-toxic, organic materials and cleaning supplies. Consumers are in search of formaldehyde-free cabinetry; low-VOC paints; BPA-free storage solutions for toiletries and beauty products; organic cleaning supplies and chemical-free, organic soaps, lotions, shampoos and cosmetics.

If this is a trend that interests you, there’s a book you’ll really want to know about. It’s called The Modern Organic Home, and it includes instructions for cleaning, detoxing and decluttering your home naturally. I highly recommend the book.

40. Organic Bathroom Textiles

There are numerous reasons that trendsetting, eco-conscious consumers are increasingly demanding organic textiles in their bathrooms and homes.

For starters, conventionally-farmed cotton is responsible for a disproportionately high percentage of overall pesticide use. The website puts this in perspective with some simple statistics:

“2.4% of the world’s crop land is planted with cotton and yet it accounts for 24% and 11% of the global sales of insecticide and pesticides respectively. “

According to the Rodale Institue, many environmentalists consider cotton to be the worlds dirtiest crop.

Pesticide and insecticide usage isn’t the only reason to be concerned about conventional cotton farming practices. Conventionally farmed cotton uses an alarming amount of water. According to the website,

“The water footprint of one pound of cotton is 1,320 gallons.”

Since you’re reading a bathroom trend report, let’s put that in terms of what, exactly, this data means for your bathroom. On average, it takes a bit more than a half a pound of cotton to manufacture one single bath towel. So that means it takes more than 1,320 gallons of water to produce a new pair of cotton bath towels using conventional cotton farming methods!

In contrast, organic farming improves water retention to a significant degree, and as a result, is able to reduce water consumption by 30 percent in comparison.

The main takeaway here: There’s a whole lot you can do to conserve water in the bathroom, even if you’ve already replaced your showerheads and faucets with water-efficient models. Using organic cotton bath mats, bath towels and washcloths instead of conventional bathroom textiles can reduce your family’s water footprint by an astonishing amount.

41. Decluttering the Bathroom

A cluttered bathroom is decidedly UN-trendy in 2024. Decluttering is necessary for achieving the clean, minimalist aesthetic that is in such high demand in today’s homes.

2024 Bathroom Storage Trends:

42. Open Shelving Is Waning in Popularity

Open shelving still appears to have some interest, but it isn’t as prevalent as it was 5 or so years ago.

43. Baskets

Baskets have been popular bathroom accents for quite awhile now, and they’re still of interest for bathroom storage in 2024.

See Also: DIY baskets

44. Trays

For items that you want to have easily accessible on the bathroom counter: Trays are helpful for organizing them and making them look like a deliberate part of the décor rather than things you forgot to put away.

2024 Bathroom Toilet Trends

45. Higher toilets

Some seniors need taller toilets. Experts at the National Association of Home Builders reported that about 77% of their members had recently completed this renovation as part of aging-in-place accommodations for people who wished to remain in their homes rather than seeking care at assisted living facilities.

46. Water-Saving Toilets

If you’re remodeling and you also want to save money on future water bills, water-efficient and cost-saving solutions such as low-flow and dual-flow toilets toilets are worth considering. They’re currently in high demand among earth-conscious and cost-conscious consumers.

47. Bidets

Bidets are being installed in a small but growing number of new home builds. People have also been adding bidets to existing bathrooms with greater frequency than they were before the COVID-19 health crisis and the resulting toilet paper shortage.

Bathroom Walls in 2024

Painted walls have been the dominant trend all over the house in recent years, including in the bathroom. This has been the case for both new home builds and home remodeling projects.

48. Wallpapered Bathrooms.

After a long period of being completely out of style, wallpaper is chic once again. While most homeowners are still painting their walls in 2024, we’re also seeing more bathrooms with one or more walls being wallpapered. Wallpaper accent walls have recently been popular in bathrooms.

49. Low VOC Paints and Stains

Amongst those who are still painting their bathrooms, there’s a trend towards wanting healthier paints, stains and painting accessories to use for doing the job.

Other Miscellaneous 2024 Bathroom Trends

50. Wider Bathroom Doorways

63% of the surveyed members at the National Association of Home Builders mentioned having completed these remodeling projects in the recent past.

51. Dramatic Mirrors

Geometric shapes are trending up in rooms all over the home, including the bathroom. The bathroom mirror is a great place to introduce shapes other than simple squares or rectangles. A round or oval mirror can make a dramatic statement in the bathroom. In general, any out-of-the-ordinary mirror makes a fantastic addition to an on-trend bathroom in 2024.

52. Anti-Fog Bathroom Mirrors

Foggy bathroom mirrors are an annoyance you no longer have to put up with, thanks to the availability of anti-fog bathroom mirrors.

53. Bathtub Surrounds Are Trending Down

If bathtubs are beginning to vanish from significant numbers of bathrooms, it only makes sense that bathtub surrounds are also declining in popularity.

Surprisingly, even the natural stone bathtub surrounds that were so popular last decade made the list of bathroom elements that are trending down right now.

Incidentally, this is one of those items where I’d advise thinking carefully about your lifestyle before you blindly follow the trend and get rid of your bathtub surround. In a bathroom where you bathe exuberant toddlers or the family dog, having a surround simply makes sense, even if it looks a little outdated.

State of the Bathroom Remodeling Industry in 2024

Statista reports that the Bathroom Hardware market was a US$19.64 billion dollar industry as of 2023. Their analysts are forecasting market growth at an annual rate of 2.81% through the year 2028. (CAGR 2023-2028) I don’t personally agree with this forecast. It’s probably reasonably accurate for 2024, but further into the future than that, based on global economic trends, I think growth in the USA will be slower for this particular segment of the US economy.

So there you have it; our list of the top 63 bathroom trends for 2024, plus a list of trends to avoid (or at least consider avoiding) due to falling demand for those items. We invite you to make good use of this list, whether you are remodeling your bathroom this year, creating a home spa from scratch, building a new home or just freshening up a few details in your bathroom.

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