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White Granite

Granite is a type of hard, crystallized natural stone that has many different industrial and other applications. It’s a particularly useful material for use in homebuilding, home d├ęcor and home renovations. Homeowners prize granite for its durability, its beauty and its ease of maintenance. This type of stone is well suited for making floor tiles, kitchen countertops, fireplaces, bathroom vanities, wet bars and similar surfaces in the home.

In 2015 we noticed an upswing in interest in white granite. This only makes sense considering several different factors. One important influence is the current kitchen and bathroom color trends; lately, combinations of white, gray and black have all been popular colors for decorating both the kitchen and bathroom. So we’re seeing an upswing in demand for many different black and white fabrications, including but not limited to white granite.

It’s important to note that white granite doesn’t always appear to be pristine white. Each piece of granite is a unique, one of a kind original, with patterning created by various mineral deposits that affect the overall appearance of its surface. Granite can incorporate minerals such as biotite, hornblende, pyroxene, feldspar, quartz, garnet, and mica in its composition. With some of these minerals being black or dark in color, white granite sometimes tends to look light gray rather than bright white. This pale grayish appearance harmonizes well with current interior design color trends.

There’s another important factor influencing the current interest in granite. This is an ongoing trend indicating that homebuyers are willing to make offers, and sometimes even spend more money on, homes that include granite countertops in the kitchen. As a result of this, savvy real estate agents have been advising their clients to install granite countertops to generate quicker and more lucrative home sales.

White Granite Countertops

White granite makes fabulous, durable and low-maintenance kitchen countertops.

Assuming a granite countertop is properly sealed, it’s stain resistant, unlike some other types of natural stone countertops.

Granite is also practically indestructible. With many other types of countertops, you have to use a cutting board to avoid ruining the counter. With granite, you still have to use a cutting board, but it isn’t because you’ll ruin the counter; it’s because you risk ruining your knife if you cut with it on granite. The granite surface is unlikely to be marred by cutting, scraping or other such commonplace kitchen catastrophes.

White Granite vs White Marble

White granite and white marble can look confusingly similar, but structurally they are different materials. The differences are largely a result of the differing mineral contents between these two materials.

When it comes to durability and longevity, white granite is superior to marble; granite is one of the hardest surfaces on earth, and it’s far more durable than marble. Granite also tends to be easier to care for and maintain.

Granite derives its hardness in part from its mineral components of quartz and feldspar. In contrast, as a result of its composition, marble lacks this same level of hardness. Marble typically includes significant quantities of calcite, a comparatively softer mineral.

When it comes to price, granite tends to compare favorably against marble, although many different factors can affect the pricing. Generally speaking, in the current marketplace, granite tends to be a better value for the money you spend on it.

Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite, Photographed by James St. John
Kashmir White Granite, Photographed by James St. John

Kashmir white granite is a stunning and distinctive looking material that comes from southern India. Characteristics of this type of granite include a salt and pepper appearance which results from its inclusion of white feldspar, grayish quartz, and dark-colored or black biotite mica. Kashmir white granite can also include lovely bits of deep red colored patterning from garnet.

As pretty as this granite variety is, there are a couple of things to be aware of before you purchase your own kitchen countertops made from this material. This type of granite tends to be more porous than other varieties, and it may stain more easily. It’s also likely to require more frequent sealing and maintenance.

River White Granite

River white granite is another variety of granite that’s drop dead gorgeous for kitchen countertops and other applications in the home. Here you can see it pictured in a fabulous kitchen that incorporates white kitchen cabinetry, wood floors and pendant lighting.


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White Granite
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