May 23, 2024


Rugs can serve a variety of functions in the home:

  • They can protect the floor underneath from wear, tear, scratches, dirt, dust and light exposure.
  • They can camouflage scratches, dings, gashes and imperfections in the floor underneath.
  • Rugs can make the room more comfortable for walking barefoot.
  • They can add personality to a room.
  • Rugs can tell a story. Some are pictorial, and the story is self-explanatory. Others tell a story that’s only apparent to those who are educated about that particular type of rug. For example, the patterns you see on many Navajo rugs are specific to a certain geographic region. Those knowledgeable about Navajo rugs can often tell you where exactly they were made.

  • Rugs offer a quick and easy way to make an outdated room look more current. For example, if your dining room flooring is an ugly style that’s been around for a decade or more, you can cover up the dated floor with a rug for an instant refresher.
  • Rugs significantly influence the color scheme in the rooms they occupy, and they can be used in places where a certain color or pattern is desirable.
  • Rugs can add warmth and texture to rooms that are otherwise cold and stark.
  • There are collectible rugs that have investment potential.
  • Rug making can be a creative outlet for artisans to express themselves.
  • Some rugs can be sustainable and eco-friendly. A rag rug is a worthy item to make out of unwanted textiles such as sheets, t-shirts and linens, which keeps those items out of landfills and gives them a new purpose.