May 23, 2024

Adjustable-Height Coffee Table Ideas and Designs

Space-Saving Ideas for Decorating With Adjustable-Height Coffee Tables

Are you moving into a small space, and perplexed by the question of how to fit all the furniture you need into your living area? Are you already living in a small space, and you’d like to revamp it — but you don’t know how? Are you sick and tired of eating your meals either standing up in the kitchenette, or sitting with a plate balanced uncomfortably in your lap?

Adjustable-height coffee tables are an ideal solution to many of the problems that city-dwellers face. For those living in studio apartments, guest houses, mother-in-law suites, garages or other small spaces, an adjustable height coffee table could serve as both a coffee table and a dining room table.

Adjustable height coffee tables are also popular with people who live aboard boats, or in mobile homes and RVs.

Decorating a Studio Apartment With an Adjustable-Height Coffee Table

If you’re moving into a studio apartment, you have to create a space that functions as not only a living room, but also a bedroom, dining room and kitchen. This can be a monumental task, and it requires making some important trade-offs and decisions. It’s puzzling: should you decorate with a coffee table, a kitchen table, or a dining room table? An adjustable-height coffee table simplifies this choice, since it can function as any of the above. It’s also a smart choice for the budget-conscious urban apartment dweller, who might prefer not to spend a significant chunk of the decorating budget on multiple tables.

Paired with an adjustable coffee table, a daybed, futon, or sofa bed plus coordinating accessories can complete the space easily.

Furnishing an Apartment Without a Dining Room

There are many apartments that don’t include a separate dining area. If you’re moving into an apartment that also has a tiny kitchen, it could be advantageous to incorporate the dining room into the living area, instead of cramming everything into the kitchen.

In this situation, an adjustable-height coffee table is ideal. You can raise the table when you want to eat on it, and you can lower it when you want to use it as a coffee table.

Lift Top Coffee Tables

Typically, lift-top coffee tables feature mechanisms for raising the table tops. This is ideal for times when you want to pull up a chair and eat at the table, or when you want to set your tablet down on the table and surf the Internet — or maybe do some work. When you aren’t using lift mechanism, the table looks just like any typical coffee table. When you have the table top lifted, it could look a bit unusual, but function is the key.

Other types of Adjustable Table Designs

You can sometimes find tables that adjust at the legs or bases. For example, an adjustable pedestal table is typically supported by an adjustable leg or base at the center. There are also height-adjustable contemporary crossed-leg coffee tables that can be adjusted where the legs cross each other.

High-Low Tables

High-low tables can be found in a variety of different styles and configurations. You’ll find drop-leaf style adjustable tables that can be opened or closed as necessary. If this style of table is of interest, you might have the best success shopping at marine outfitters or medical-care supply outlets. Savvy urbanites have been known to take hospital-style or marine-style high-low tables, AKA hi-lo tables, and adapt them for use in their studio apartments.

DIY Adjustable Height Coffee Tables

For do-it-yourselfers, custom-made adjustable height coffee tables are a possibility, particularly if you have the skills and the appropriate tools. You can also hire a woodworker or metalworker to custom-design and craft an adjustable-height coffee table to your specifications.

Adjustable-Height Coffee Table Ideas and Designs
Get space-saving ideas for decorating studio apartments and other small spaces with adjustable-height coffee tables, high-low tables and lift-top tables.
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