A home is comprised of various rooms that each serve different functions. We invite you to use this hub as a starting point for discovering how to decorate each room in your home.

Kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of most homes, with multiple flurries of activity taking place there each day: entertaining, cooking, baking, eating, cleaning, gathering, connecting and sharing.

Kitchen furnishings can include tables, chairs, cupboards, and sideboards plus large appliances such as a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Other features might include a sink, island, cabinets, and backsplash.

Kitchen flooring is typically tile, linoleum, or laminate flooring, although there are plenty of other possibilities.

Curtains in the kitchen are often short, perhaps café curtains.

The kitchen also typically includes many small electronics, appliances and gadgets such as coffeemakers, food processors, bread machines, and can openers.

The conscientious decorator often considers the look of the cookware, dinnerware and bakeware that will be utilized in the kitchen, and chooses patterns that will coordinate well with both the kitchen and dining room décor.

It’s important to take kitchen design trends into consideration when you furnish or remodel your kitchen. You don’t need to be a slave to the trends, but it’s a good idea to have an idea of what’s current when you make your decorating decisions.

Bathroom: Essential bathroom décor includes the shower, sink and toilet plus cabinets, flooring, and lighting. Many bathrooms also incorporate additional storage space for towels and linens. Current bathroom trends have a significant influence on what many bathrooms look like.

Living Room: The living room is a place for lounging, spending time with family and friends, entertaining and being entertained. Furnishings could include a sofa, ottoman, loveseat, chairs, recliners, coffee table, end tables, shelves, cabinets, curios, bookcases, TV, TV stand, and others. There’s typically art or photographs hanging on the walls. Underneath it all, the flooring might include carpet or an area rug.

Family Room: The typical family room is furnished similarly to the living room, although it’s perhaps a bit more comfortable and casual in design. It’s likely to include a TV and TV stand.

Dining Room: Some homes have separate formal dining rooms; others include dining nooks; others have open floor plans that include space for a dining room table, and there isn’t a separate dining room. Some homes omit the dining room all together, and instead include space for a table and chairs in the kitchen.

Dining room furniture can be lavish or sparse. Possibilities include dining room sets, tables, chairs, cupboards, curios, hutches, sideboards, shelves and bookcases.

Bedroom: Bedrooms have to be multi-functional: part space to sleep, and part private sanctuary for lounging, lovemaking, reading, or watching TV.

Bedroom furnishings typically include some of the following items: beds, recliners, chairs, dressers, chests, closets, shelves, bookcases, nightstands, vanity tables, night tables, dressing tables, TV stands and TVs.

The bedding, pillows and textiles are typically an important part of the bedroom décor as well.

Nursery: “Nursery” is basically another name for a bedroom, specifically, a bedroom for a new baby. Of course, the bedroom furniture is a bit different in the nursery, since an ordinary bed isn’t a safe choice for a newborn.

Instead of the bed, you’ll typically find a crib or cradle in the nursery. You might also find furnishings such as a changing table, walker, toy chest, or high chair that you wouldn’t normally see in a bedroom.

Foyer / Entrance / Mud Room / Drop Room: Some homes include either elegant or casual entry areas that could be furnished in various ways. These spaces sometimes include benches, coat racks, coat hooks, coat trees, shoe organizers or closet space of some sort. It’s also typical to hang art, photographs or wall décor in these spaces. Some foyers include curio tables or curio cabinets filled with interesting knickknacks. Lighting is an essential component of the foyer or mudroom. Flooring varies, but typically includes a welcome mat or perhaps multiple mats. It’s typical for those living in mud-prone areas to use easy-to-clean flooring in this sort of space.

Hallway: Not every home includes hallways, but most do. If you have a hallway to decorate, it’s a great place to hang family photos, a clock, a mirror, wall art or wall sculpture. Some homeowners also include furnishings in the hallway: chairs, tables, curio cabinets, or bookcases make good choices for furnishing a hallway.

Laundry Room: Typically, a laundry room would include a washing machine and a dryer. Other furnishings would be helpful to have as well: chairs plus a table to use for folding clothes, and maybe even a TV set for those who would rather take their minds off the task at hand. In some homes, the mud room and laundry room are combined, enabling the inhabitants to strip off wet, muddy clothes and deposit them straight into the laundry basket.

Craft Room: Many DIY enthusiasts are devoting space in their homes to their projects, which means that craft rooms have been trendy lately. Since each craft room is a reflection of its creator, it’s impossible to say what the furnishings might be like: a sewing room would be furnished differently than a wood shop or ceramics studio.

Wine Cellars and Wine Rooms: Some homeowners are faced with the dilemma of where to store their sizeable wine collections. There are a number of options for wine refrigerators, wine rooms and wine cellars that would be suitable for this purpose. Email Signup

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