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Learn How to Declutter at the Speed of Life: A Book Review

Decluttering at the Speed of Life Book by Dana K. White -- This book will teach you simple decluttering methods that really work!
Decluttering at the Speed of Life Book by Dana K. White — This book will teach you simple decluttering methods that really work!

Do you you have a hard time decorating, cleaning and / or organizing your home because there’s too much stuff in the way? Does the old clichĂ©, “a place for everything, and everything in its place” make you cringe — because you have too many things that don’t have any obvious place to put them? Do you sometimes avoid answering the door — because your place is messy and you’re too embarrassed about it to face whoever’s knocking? Do you wish things could be different, but you feel overwhelmed every time you try to make a start at getting things cleaned up?

If you really, truly want a clean, minimalist and well-decorated home, decluttering the things you don’t need is the first step in the process.

For best results, decluttering should come BEFORE cleaning or organizing — because it’s a waste of effort to clean and organize excessive quantities of stuff.

But if you have a hard time actually decluttering, know that you are not alone. There are countless others who also face paralysis when it comes time to actually take action on the all-important first step of getting rid of the unnecessary objects that accumulate over a lifetime.

Would you be interested in trying a proven method of getting your place looking exactly the way you want it — with a minimum of tears, anguish and effort? Do you yearn to join the growing numbers of people who have decluttered their homes, cleaned them up, organized them, decorated them beautifully and are now entertaining their friends and family members — with no regrets? If so, Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White is a book you need to know about.

What This Book Is All About:

This book is exclusively about decluttering. It’s not a book about cleaning. It’s not a book about organizing. It’s also not a book about decorating. But once you’ve worked your way through this book, you’ll find that the cleaning, organizing and decorating have almost taken care of themselves — or at least, they’ll be a LOT easier.

The essence of what you’ll learn from this book: It will teach you a reliable system for figuring out how to prioritize what to keep and what to get rid of.

What you won’t find: Specific advice about what you should keep and what you should get rid of. That is the genius of this book. No one but YOU decides how to prioritize what you keep.

Have you ever read decluttering advice articles on the internet that simply infuriated you?

I have. Let me give you an example. I can’t tell you how many horrible articles I’ve found that presume to advise people they need to declutter their breadmakers. We cook from scratch around our place, and we typically use our breadmaker a few times a week. So who do those article writers think they are, to tell me I need to declutter my breadmaker? That’s just dumb!

One person’s clutter is another person’s necessity. The author of this book, Dana, understands that; and it’s one of the reasons the advice in her book succeeds — and works in real life, for bunches of real people — while specific advice on what to declutter, which you sometimes find in other books, falls flat and fails.

Maybe you have unusual collections that some people would consider to be junk. Dana isn’t going to tell you that you need to get rid of your NOT-JUNK collection. She’s going to help you figure out how to keep your treasured collection while also getting rid of the things that are significantly less important to you than your collection is. Make sense?

What this book is really all about: It’s a proven system for how to figure out what’s truly important to you — important enough to keep close and cherish. And it’s also a proven system for letting go of all those other things that accumulate in your home and life that are really not important to you at all — yet they’re there, taking up space in your home that you and your loved ones need for living and enjoying your lives.

The Best Things About This Book:

The #1 BEST thing about this book is that the methods outlined in it work. They’re proven methods — successfully used by people whose clutter problem is most likely much worse than yours. Yes, really — much worse. Or at least, just as bad as yours. Even if your home is so cluttered that you literally have stuff everywhere. Even if you have no place in your home to sit, no place to walk and you have to exert all the effort you’re capable of to close your overstuffed closet doors.

The methods in this book are also easy to implement. They’re logical. They make sense. They teach you how to declutter every room — without making a bigger mess in the process.

The book is a quick read. It’s written in clear, simple to understand terms.

Dana addresses difficult scenarios with sensitivity and understanding — because she’s been there.


I highly recommend this book. I only wish I’d known about it when I was going through my own decluttering journey.

I can totally relate to the pain of having a cluttered home; I had one, too. My own decluttering process was not nearly as easy as the one described in this book. I was forced to declutter when my husband and both lost our jobs in the big crash of 2008, and we realized we couldn’t afford to stay in our apartment. After much deliberation about how to solve our problem of imminent homelessness, we decided to buy a boat and move aboard it.

The solution to that problem created many obvious others: You can’t fit furniture in a boat. Or artwork. Or two closets worth of clothes. Or a bookshelf full of books, a cabinet full of dishes and a garage full of junk fascinating treasures….So I had to get rid of just about everything I owned.

It was hard! REALLY hard.

At the same time, when it was all done, it was really freeing.

Moving aboard a sailboat was an amazing adventure. Mike and I crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the sailboat. Then we sailed all the way across the Mediterranean Sea to the Middle East. We met fascinating people. We experienced incredible things that most people will never get to experience.

None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t made the effort to declutter.

My strangest takeaway from the entire journey: When we docked our boat in various marinas around the world, we met numerous wealthy boat owners who didn’t actually sail their boats, because they had too many other priorities. When we told them our story, their most frequent response was this:

“I envy you.”

My jaw would practically drop — because it was unfathomable to me that these affluent people, who had lovely homes and multi-million dollar boats — could possibly envy me. I owned nothing but a beat-up boat from the 1970s, some boating gear and a few personal effects. Our whole adventure started because we decided to make lemonade out of lemons.

But in hindsight, now I understand. They envied us our freedom. And that’s exactly what decluttering can give you — freedom.

This is the kind of freedom decluttering can give you -- if you let it. Getting rid of almost everything we owned enabled us to set sail for the Mediterranean. Here's us, docking our sailboat in one of the Greek Islands' many small marinas.
This is the kind of freedom decluttering can give you — if you let it. Getting rid of almost everything we owned enabled us to set sail for the Mediterranean. Here’s us, docking our sailboat in one of the Greek Islands’ many small marinas.

Are you ready to experience that kind of freedom for yourself?

Do yourself a favor: Get this book — and implement the advice you find in it. You don’t have to go to the extremes we did with decluttering (although you can if you want to; the advice in this book could help you fit your family into a sailboat, if traveling the world is what you really want to do.)

And then enjoy the freedom you’ll find as a result. Because one of the strangest paradoxes on earth is that the less stuff you have, the more free you are.

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Book Title: Decluttering at the Speed of Life

Author: Dana K. White

Publisher: W Publishing Group / Thomas Nelson

Copyright Date: 2018

ISBN: 978-0718080600

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Decluttering at the Speed of Life
Decluttering at the Speed of Life is a brand new book featuring easy step-by-step instructions for how to declutter your home (that really work).