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The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips and Household Hacks

The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks by Natalie Wise, Published by Good Books
The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips, and Household Hacks by Natalie Wise, Published by Good Books

Have you ever stared in disgust at your filthy oven, wondering how on earth you would even begin to proceed with unearthing the actual appliance underneath all the drips and crusted-on junk that have accumulated in it? (It’s even worse if you just moved into a new apartment or home, and the mess isn’t even yours!)

Ever wondered how to clean a ceiling fan?

Does your chemical-based laundry detergent make you sneeze — or break out in rashes? Have you been meaning to look for a better alternative?

Maybe your walls are dusty or grimy, but you have no idea about how to best get them clean without wrecking your home’s paint job. Maybe your kids have scribbled on every available surface in your home with markers or crayons, and you need to know the quickest way to safely get it all off.

You could dive in and figure all these things out by trial and error. Or you could waste hours doing internet searches for free DIY cleaning recipes (some of which, unfortunately, can be hazardous to your home — I’ll get to that in a minute) and then spend a fortune on ink cartridges and paper to print all the recipes out. Then you’ll have bunches of loose pages hanging around, creating clutter and looking messy. Sure, you could put them in a random notebook, but then you’ll probably forget you have them before you ever even get around to using them.

Or you could buy yourself a copy of The Modern Organic Home by Natalie Wise, make a small investment in affordable cleaning supplies like vinegar, salt and hydrogen peroxide, and master the art of cleaning and decluttering your home — while enjoying an inspiring, attractive and informative book that was written by a Master’s degree graduate from Dartmouth’s poetry program.

If your home doesn’t currently look like the cover of the latest Architectural Digest magazine, getting your place decluttered and then thoroughly cleaned up might just be the most important first step towards achieving such a picture-perfect home environment. And if you’re confused about to how to do that, the author of this book will practically take you by the hand and show you an easy, logical, step-by-step process that ANYONE — for example, you — could follow and successfully get it done.

One of the best parts is that you’re likely to save a bundle on your cleaning supplies when you follow these methods — even if you use all organic ingredients (and if you don’t have a clear understanding of why you’d want to spend the extra money on organic ingredients, this book will help to explain it).

Even if you’re already knowledgeable about cleaning ingredients and methods, you might learn some astonishing new things from this book. I did! For example, I learned why you’d want to avoid the recipes for homemade laundry soap you find online — and what are some of your best options to use instead.

I’m positive that many people will find this book empowering, enlightening and interesting.

Here are some of the things you’ll find in this book:

  • Effective recipes and instructions for how to safely and naturally clean just about everything that could possibly get dirty in your home, from your mildewy shower curtain to your deodorant-stained t-shirts. This information is organized by room, which makes it easy and intuitive to find what you need. When you want to clean your oven, simply flip to the kitchen chapter.
  • Recipes and instructions for how to make your own eco-friendly cleaning wipes and baby wipes.
  • Information about which laundry ingredients can cause clogged plumbing, plus suggestions for safer alternatives to use. The book will more than pay for itself if you’re making some common laundry mistakes!
  • Helpful daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists for managing your cleaning priorities.
  • Manageable step-by-step instructions for decluttering, cleaning and organizing each room of your home.
  • Clear explanations about various natural and organic cleaning ingredients, plus insights about why and when you’d want to use a particular ingredient instead of another.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about natural and organic ingredients and cleaning methods.
  • A useful index that will help you navigate the book when you need to find a quick cleaning solution for a specific item of interest or information about a specific ingredient.
  • Inspiration, motivation and empowerment for actually getting up out of your chair and getting all this done — instead of just wishing it were done. You can do this!

I think The Modern Organic Home is a fantastic value for its asking price. You can buy it at Amazon or check out what other reviewers have to say about it.

This book would make an excellent high school graduation gift or college graduation gift for the young people in your life — although I’m positive you’ll want to buy copies for your own kids long before they leave your nest. In my opinion, it’s never too early to start teaching your little ones healthy, natural and effective cleaning methods.

The Modern Organic Home is also a fantastic gift to buy yourself, whether or not your home is already spotless. If it isn’t already perfectly clean, this book will help you to get it that way. If it is, you may learn some cleaning methods that will save you money as well as making your cleaning process safer, more natural and greener.

Book Details: What You Need to Know About The Modern Organic Home:

The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips and Household Hacks

Author: Natalie Wise

Publisher: Good Books / Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

Copyright Date: 2018

ISBN 13: 978-1680993097

ISBN 10: 1680993097

Book Formats:

This book is available in the following format(s):

  • Hardcover Without Dustjacket
  • Digital download: Kindle e-book edition

Number of Pages: 240 pages long, including beautiful, inspiring, full-color photography.

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If you need help learning how to clean your kitchen, bathroom or any other room naturally and effectively, The Modern Organic Home by Natalie Wise will give you recipes, inspiration and step-by-step instructions that will lead to success.
The Modern Organic Home: 100+ DIY Cleaning Products, Organization Tips and Household Hacks