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Color Trends for 2016

Color Trends for 2016

Color Trends for 2016

Wondering about the color trends for 2016? We’ve got the scoop for you. We’ve researched the 2016 interior color trends, and we have gathered the information we found from bunches of different sources into one place — which is the page you’re looking at. So please do read on to find the interior design color trends for 2016 including the top kitchen colors, the best bathroom colors and more.

2016 could turn out to be either colorful or boring, depending on which set of color experts you want to listen to, and how you want to interpret their ideas into your own home, design work and / or color palettes.

The White Color Trend for 2016

White is shaping up to be THE HOTTEST color for 2016.

Don’t yawn!

White is one of those classic colors that you could argue doesn’t belong on a “top color trends” list, because it’s always in style. And white is one of those safe, no-brainer colors that some people might view as boring. But having said that, there are many exciting things you can do with white, and it’s really hard to go wrong with introducing white paint, white surfaces, white accessories and entire white rooms into your decorating scheme.

Where to Use White in 2016 Home Interiors

  • White kitchens are a top trend in 2016. This is a carryover trend from 2015 that is still going strong for 2016.
  • The bathroom is another ideal place to incorporate white in the home. It’s almost ridiculous to state that white bathrooms are trendy, because they’re always in style — but it’s true. If you take a look at how top trendsetters are decorating their bathrooms for 2016, you’ll find a whole lot of white.

Trendy White Paint Colors for 2016:

  • Benjamin Moore’s choice for 2016 color of the year is “Simply White.”
  • PPG’s choice for 2016 color of the year is “Cappuccino White” by Glidden paints.
  • PPG mentions “Delicate White” by Pittsburgh Paints and Stains in their 2016 color trend report.
  • The Behr color trend report for 2016 features “Ivory Keys”.

The Blue Color Trend for 2016

Blue is projected to be another trendy color for 2016. Different blue choices abound, but they fall into several main categories:

  • Grayed-down blues; at first glance, you aren’t quite sure if they’re blue or gray.
  • Classic navy blues.
  • Pale, icy, barely-there baby blues. Some of these could be mistaken for ultra-cool whites.
  • Serene blues that complement the icy baby blue pastels noted above.
  • Bright teal blues that pop.
  • Denim blues

Where to Use Blue in 2016 Home Interiors

  • Blue is a restful choice for use as either a main color or an accent color in the bedroom.
  • Blue accents are trendy for bathrooms and powder rooms in 2016.
  • Blue is just the right choice for home offices and workspaces.

Trendy Blue Paint Colors for 2016:

  • Benjamin Moore’s 2016 color palette includes multiple on-trend blue colors.
  • The Behr color trend report for 2016 features a medium blue color called “Stratus”, a rich teal blue called “Galapagos”, and a darker blue called “Blue Vortex”.
  • Olympic Paints named “Blue Cloud”, a denim-y blue color, as its 2016 color of the year.
  • Pantone has named two colors as “color of the year” for 2016; one of them is a tranquil baby blue color called “Serenity”. Pantone isn’t a paint manufacturer; their specialty is selling color swatches, color cards and color chips to various designers and manufacturers who need standards for specifying colors. If you like this color, you could take a swatch of it to the paint supplier of your choice and ask them to mix the color for you.

The Black Color Trend for 2016

If white is a trendy color for 2016, it makes perfect sense to acknowledge Black as a companion.

Where to Use Black in 2016 Home Interiors

  • Many trendsetters are decorating their kitchens with black and white.
  • Black is finding its way into luxurious bathrooms, again paired with white.

Trendy Black Paint for 2016:

  • Benjamin Moore’s “Black Ink” made their list of color trends for 2016.
  • Behr’s Black Pearl isn’t the blackest imaginable black. It’s one of the options presented on their list of color trends for 2016.

The Gray Color Trend for 2016

Gray has been trending for several years now, and it’s still going strong for 2016.

Where to Use Gray in 2016 Home Interiors

  • Gray is popping up in every imaginable room and surface in trendy homes, and it’s even gaining popularity in outdoor spaces. We’re seeing gray patio furniture and gray exterior siding, to name just a couple of things we’ve noticed.
  • Gray makes an outstanding bedroom color. Pair it with a bright accent color for a look that’s currently trendy.
  • Gray kitchens are trendy, and so are black and white kitchens that incorporate gray as an accent color.

Trendy Gray Paint for 2016:

  • Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Owl” is a top choice for 2016.

The Green Color Trend for 2016

Green has a place in many homes in 2016. Color palettes include a variety of different greens, some of which fall into the following main categories:

  • Grayed-down, mossy greens
  • Vibrant, attention-grabbing emerald greens
  • Leafy plant greens

Where to Use Green in 2016 Home Interiors

  • Emerald greens are popping up as interesting accents in cushions, throws, draperies and other textiles.
  • Green house plants are trendy for 2016 and beyond; these are lovely in any room. In the kitchen, fresh green herbs are a great way to introduce the color green into the decor.

Trendy Green Paint Colors for 2016:

  • The Behr color trend report for 2016 features green colors called “Modern Mint” and “Emperor’s Silk”.
  • The PPG Voice of Color program decided on “Paradise Found” as color of the year for 2016. This color is described as being an “aloe green” that’s reminiscent of both nature and the military.
  • “Holly Glen” is the Pittsburgh Paints and Stains choice for 2016 color of the year.

The Gold Color Trend for 2016

Gold is a popular color choice for 2016. Both metallic golds and vibrant yellow-golds are trendy options this year. P>

Where to Use Metallic Gold in 2016 Home Interiors

  • Metallic gold is popping up as an accent color on furniture — armchairs, sofas, recliners, and beds.

Where to Use Vibrant Golden Yellows in 2016 Home Interiors

  • This color makes a strong statement as an accent color in many rooms of the home. This is a great color to consider for accent pieces like cushions in the family room or throw pillows in a bedroom.
  • Golden yellow hues make wonderful kitchen accents.

Trendy Gold Paint Colors for 2016:

  • The 2016 Behr color trend report suggests two golden hues: “Canary Diamond”, which is a bright golden yellow, and “Citronne,” which is a more subdued yet surprisingly rich golden color. Another golden choice is “Symphony Gold.”
  • “Banana Yellow” is a vibrant yellow that Benjamin Moore suggests as trendy for 2016.

Purple, Pink and Mauve

Trendy Paints in the Pink, Mauve and Purple Color Family:

  • Benjamin Moore’s “Royal Flush” is a rich, on-trend purple color that’s just right for use as an accent color in 2016.
  • Behr’s 2016 color trend palette includes a vibrant purplish pink called “Pagoda” and a grayish shade called “Mauve Melody.”
  • Pantone’s “Rose Quartz” is one of two “Colors of the Year” for 2016.

Where to Use Pink, Purple and Lavender in 2016 Home Interiors

  • In 2015, trendsetters and early adopters were specifying various shades of purple, lavender and mauve in their bathrooms, sometimes as main colors and often as accent colors.
  • Pinks and purplish pinks are lovely colors for decorating girls’ bedrooms and baby girls’ nurseries.
  • Deep plum purples are outstanding accents for little boys’ bedrooms when paired with other boy-friendly colors such as navy blue.

Orange, Coral and Copper

Warm-Colored Paints in the Orange Color Family:

  • Behr suggests “Coralette” and “Raw Copper” as trendy choices for 2016.

So that’s the information we found detailing the latest color trends and interior paint colors for 2016. We hope you find this information useful when you plan any renovations, upgrades or modifications to your home.


Get updated on the top interior color trends for 2016, including the hottest kitchen colors, the best bathroom colors and more.
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