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6 Ways Bedroom Floor Lamps Can Enhance Your Home Décor

Bedroom floor lamp beside desk -- Photo by Karishea at
Bedroom floor lamp beside desk — Photo by Karishea at

When it comes to bedroom lighting, you have many outstanding options for creating both the mood you want and the functionality you need.

Homeowners often install ceiling lighting as the primary light source in a bedroom. However, most bedrooms can benefit from secondary light sources, which will add convenience and perform a variety of important functions.

In 2019, floor lamps are one of the trendiest, most popular choices for adding secondary lighting in the bedroom. Let’s explore several ways you could use floor lamps to enhance the atmosphere in your bedroom, and to make it more comfortable, functional and livable.

1. Use Floor Lamps to Create a Romantic Mood in the Bedroom

I’m pretty sure most of us would love to have more romance in our lives, and probably in our bedrooms as well. One of the easiest ways to achieve this challenging goal: create a romantic mood in the bedroom.

Mood lighting is one of the most important components of this entire agenda — and a floor lamp will go a long way towards providing just the right mood. You’ll also want to consider the bulbs you use in the floor lamp, which are an equally important part of the equation.

If you prefer to convey a tranquil, relaxing mood in your bedroom, that’s another goal a floor lamp could help you achieve.

2. Use Floor Lamps to Illuminate Your Favorite Spot for Reading

Whether you like to read in bed, at a reading table or snuggled in a comfy chair in the bedroom, you can make things easy on your eyes by placing a floor lamp close by.

3. How Floor Lamps Can Provide Convenience at Bedtime

If You Don’t Place a Floor Lamp Beside the Bed: Let’s say you’re ready for bed. You walk over to the light switch on the wall, turning it off and plunging the room into inky darkness. It’s now pitch black in the bedroom. You stumble to the bed in the dark, possibly tripping over something or knocking into something on your way.

If You Have a Floor Lamp Beside the Bed: When it’s bedtime, you turn off the overhead ceiling light, leaving the floor lamp turned on to illuminate your path as you hop into bed. After you’ve climbed in bed, you reach up and turn off the floor lamp before settling in for the night. Much smarter — yes?

If you’re one of those unfortunate people who has to get up before sunrise, you’ll particularly appreciate the floor lamp’s presence in the morning when you awaken. You can reach up, turn on the light and allow your eyes to adjust a bit before you climb out of bed — instead of stumbling across your bedroom in the dark.

These scenarios work best with an adjustable floor lamp, so you can adjust the height of the lamp to be easily reached from your position in the bed.

Of course, there are some other ways you can accomplish the same objective, but most of the other possibilities are more complicated than this one is. An adjustable floor lamp is one of the easiest and most convenient options for turning your light off after getting in bed. Adjustable floor lamps are also convenient for other purposes in the bedroom, such as adding brightness above a nightstand, armchair or reading table.

4. Use Floor Lamps to Highlight a Dark Corner or Alcove

Do you have an armchair tucked in a dark corner of the bedroom? How about a window seat that’s brightly lit when the sun is shining, but too dark to enjoy at night? Any shadowy alcove in the bedroom could benefit from the addition of a well-placed floor lamp.

5. Floor Lamps Accentuate the Bedroom’s Theme and Style

When buying a new floor lamp for your bedroom, you’ll enjoy having an abundance of choices in every aspect of the lamp’s design — from the silhouette to the color to the materials and finishes. It’s important for you to take into account the theme, colors and style of your bedroom’s existing furnishings before you commit to buying any particular bedroom floor lamp. You’ll want your lighting choices to be a deliberate reflection of your room’s personality and style.

Let’s say, for example, you’re decorating a craftsman style bedroom. One of the quickest possible ways to communicate this theme: place a Tiffany stained glass floor lamp in a prominent spot in the room. An evocative piece such as this is sure to be one of the first things anyone notices in the room.

More examples: If your blankets, bedding and area rugs are predominantly black and white, you’ll want to consider a coordinating finish for your floor lamp. In that case, a contemporary polished chrome floor lamp, a silver floor lamp, or a black floor lamp could be appropriate matches to consider.

If your headboard is brass and your bedroom suite includes other abundant brass accents, it’s a no brainer to choose a brass floor lamp in the same general type of style.

6. Bedroom Floor Lamps Express Your Personal Style

Your room doesn’t have to be decorated in any particular theme for it to express your personal style. Whether your room is furnished in an eclectic manner or in a particular decorating style, either way, it’s a unique reflection of you, your values and the things you want to have close at hand in your most private and intimate of sanctuaries.

So there you have it: these are 6 different ways that bedroom floor lamps can enhance your home décor. We hope you’ll be able to use these ideas for maximizing the functionality, style and atmosphere in your bedroom — and for personalizing your space beautifully.

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6 Ways Bedroom Floor Lamps Can Enhance Your Home Decor
Let’s explore several ways you could use floor lamps to enhance the atmosphere in your bedroom, and to make it more comfortable, functional and livable.
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